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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
22.2800134117.0.0Rel-17New additional broadcast regroup requirementsS1-192638agreedSP-190804approved17.1.0
22.2800133117.0.0Rel-17Additional broadcast regroup requirementsS1-192618agreedSP-190799approved17.1.0
22.2800132217.0.0Rel-17Support the recording of communication related use cases while operating in off-network modeS1-192737agreedSP-190813approved17.1.0
22.2800131117.0.0Rel-17Support the location services related use cases while operating in off-network modeS1-192614agreedSP-190813approved17.1.0
22.2800129217.0.0Rel-17Clarification of treatment of private call and private emergency calls to functional aliases activated by more than one MCX UserS1-192694agreedSP-190799approved17.1.0
22.2800127117.0.0Rel-17Extend Functional Alias binding to MCX Service Private CommunicationS1-192613agreedSP-190813approved17.1.0
22.2800126117.0.0Rel-17Clarify routing location dependent communications as part of handling MCX Service Private Communication requestsS1-192736agreedSP-190813approved17.1.0
22.2800122117.0.0Rel-17Support the FRMCS use case for Arbitration when a user is registered to multiple UEsS1-192611agreedSP-190813approved17.1.0
22.2800121217.0.0Rel-17Activate Location Information report of a specific FA in a certain areaS1-192637agreedSP-190813approved17.1.0
22.2800120117.0.0Rel-17Additional broadcast regroup requirementsS1-192617agreedSP-190799approved17.1.0