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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
36.521-32452-16.1.0Rel-16Addition of RRM feMTC Test Case 8.2.14R5-196693agreedRP-191687approved16.2.0
36.521-32451-16.1.0Rel-16Addition of RRM feMTC Test Case 8.1.42R5-196692agreedRP-191687approved16.2.0
36.521-32450-16.1.0Rel-16Addition of RRM feMTC Test Case 8.1.41R5-196691agreedRP-191687approved16.2.0
36.521-32449-16.1.0Rel-16Test system uncertainties and the Test Tolerances for RRM feMTC Test CasesR5-196689agreedRP-191687approved16.2.0
36.521-32448-16.1.0Rel-16Correction of RRM feMTC Test Case 4.2.30R5-196688agreedRP-191687approved16.2.0
36.521-32447-16.1.0Rel-16Correction of RRM feMTC Test Case 4.2.29R5-196687agreedRP-191687approved16.2.0
36.521-32446-16.1.0Rel-16Correction of RRM feMTC Test Case 4.2.28R5-196686agreedRP-191687approved16.2.0
36.521-32444-16.1.0Rel-16Band 73 information to E-UTRA band group in 36.521-3R5-196634agreedRP-191696approved16.2.0
36.521-32443216.1.0Rel-16Corrections to test case for HD FDD Inter frequency case for UE Category NB1 In-Band mode in enhanced coverageR5-197660agreedRP-191709approved16.2.0
36.521-32442-16.1.0Rel-16Update to 3DL/3UL TDD CA for UE Transmit Timing Accuracy Tests for 2 SCellsR5-196453agreedRP-191683approved16.2.0
36.521-32441-16.1.0Rel-16Update to 3DL/3UL TDD CA for Non-Contention Based Random Access Test for 2 SCellsR5-196452agreedRP-191683approved16.2.0
36.521-32440116.1.0Rel-16Correction 4CC and 5CC applicability - Chapter 9R5-197476agreedRP-191683approved16.2.0
36.521-32439116.1.0Rel-16Correction 4CC and 5CC applicability - Chapter 8R5-197475agreedRP-191683approved16.2.0
36.521-32438-16.1.0Rel-16Update of 6.2.16 and 6.2.17 for alignment with core specificationR5-195728agreedRP-191709approved16.2.0