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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
36.1015529-16.2.0Rel-16Introduction of completed LTE CA for 2 bands DL with 2 bands UL into Rel-16 TS 36.101R4-1909905agreedRP-192042approved16.3.0
36.1015527116.2.0Rel-16Update NS_42 into TS 36.101R4-1910218agreedRP-192056approved16.3.0
36.1015526116.2.0Rel-16Update NS_40 into TS 36.101R4-1910216agreedRP-192056approved16.3.0
36.1015524116.2.0Rel-16Rel-16 CR to 36.101 to correct typosR4-1910207agreedRP-192042approved16.3.0
36.1015522-16.2.0Rel-16CR for 36.101: adding spurious emission band UE co-existence for CA_1-41R4-1909715agreedRP-192056approved16.3.0
36.1015521-16.2.0Rel-16Introduction of Rel-16 LTE inter-band CA for 2 bands DL with 1 band UL combinations in TS36101R4-1909574agreedRP-192042approved16.3.0
36.1015520116.2.0Rel-16CR of adding LTE B7 for UE category NB1/NB2 in R16R4-1910228agreedRP-192043approved16.3.0
36.1015519116.2.0Rel-16CR of adding LTE B42/B43 for UE category NB1/NB2 and CAT_M1/M2 in R16R4-1910223agreedRP-192043approved16.3.0
36.1015513116.2.0Rel-16CR for 36.101 Pcmax for V2X_v16R4-1910286agreedRP-192052approved16.3.0
36.1015512-16.2.0Rel-16Introduction of completed R16 3DL band combinations to TS 36.101R4-1909124agreedRP-192042approved16.3.0
36.1015511-16.2.0Rel-16Introduction of LTE inter-band Carrier Aggregation for x bands DL (x=4, 5) with 1 band UL to TS36.101R4-1908976agreedRP-192042approved16.3.0
36.1015506-16.2.0Rel-16Correction to B70 UE Co-existenceR4-1908723agreedRP-192052approved16.3.0
36.1015503116.2.0Rel-16Introduction of LTE-A inter-band CA Rel-16 for new x bnads (x=3,4,5) DL with 2 bands UL to TS36.101R4-1910579agreedRP-192042approved16.3.0
36.1015502-16.2.0Rel-16CR for Narrowband blocking for LTE CatM1/M2R4-1908437agreedRP-192051approved16.3.0
36.1015498-16.2.0Rel-16Introduction of PC2 for Category HD-FDD M1 and M2 UE operating on bands 31 and 72R4-1908296agreedRP-192045approved16.3.0
36.1015497-16.2.0Rel-16CR to 36.101 NS_40, NS_41, NS_42 spurious emission requirementR4-1908255agreedRP-192056approved16.3.0
36.1015495316.2.0Rel-16CR: Demod test definition for HST in 500km/h speedR4-1910617agreedRP-192041approved16.3.0
36.1015494-16.2.0Rel-16Correction to RMC for Cat M1 CSI testsR4-1908126agreedRP-192051approved16.3.0
36.1015490-16.2.0Rel-16CR to 36.101 rel. 16 to fix Out-of-band Blocking issue for bands 51, 76R4-1908024agreedRP-192056approved16.3.0
36.1015484-16.2.0Rel-16Correction to reference sensitivity for Band 74R4-1907952agreedRP-192056approved16.3.0