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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
29.5250069-16.1.0Rel-16Update of API version and TS version in OpenAPI file Details C3-195345 agreedCP-193212approved16.2.0
29.5250068216.1.0Rel-16Wireline location information  CP-193227approved16.2.0
29.5250067116.1.0Rel-16Clarification of PEI format, TS 29.525 Details C3-195239 agreedCP-193191approved16.2.0
29.5250066116.1.0Rel-16Correction on 307 error, 29.525 Details C3-195328 agreedCP-193189approved16.2.0
29.5250064-16.1.0Rel-16Correction to PolicyUpdate Details C3-195146 agreedCP-193189approved16.2.0
29.5250060116.1.0Rel-16store BDT reference ID in SMPolicyData Details C3-195251 agreedCP-193223approved16.2.0
29.5250059116.1.0Rel-16correction to PLMN change trigger Details C3-195299 agreedCP-193202approved16.2.0
29.5250058-16.1.0Rel-16Removal of TABs from OpenAPI file Details C3-195064 agreedCP-193197approved16.2.0
29.5250057116.1.0Rel-16Subscription to UE Connectivity state changes Details C3-194308 agreedCP-193197approved16.2.0
29.5250055116.1.0Rel-16Format of hPCFId attribute Details C3-194387 agreedCP-193197approved16.2.0
29.5250054316.1.0Rel-16URSP provisioning for xBDT Details C3-195252 agreedCP-193223approved16.2.0
29.5250053116.1.0Rel-16Correction to the trigger of UE policy association establishment Details C3-194371 agreedCP-193189approved16.2.0
29.5250051-16.1.0Rel-16Correcting references related to xBDT support Details C3-194039 agreedCP-193223approved16.2.0
29.5250050116.1.0Rel-16Data type of the "serviceName" attribute Details C3-194294 agreedCP-193197approved16.2.0