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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.4013571116.4.0Rel-16System support for NB-IoT Paging across Multiple Carriers and/or WUS with WB-EUTRAN <-> NB-IoT mobility Details S2-1912298 agreedSP-191065approved16.5.0
23.4013570-16.4.0Rel-16Support for IAB indication and authorization in EPS Details S2-1911918 agreedSP-191086approved16.5.0
23.4013561216.4.0Rel-16Inclusion of Version Identifier in PLMN assigned ID Details S2-1912519 agreedSP-191088approved16.5.0
23.4013555116.4.0Rel-16Support for IAB in EPS Details S2-1910282 agreedSP-191086approved16.5.0
23.4013553116.4.0Rel-16PSM ,ISR and extended idle mode DRX handling in RLOS Details S2-1910197 agreedSP-191087approved16.5.0
23.4013552116.4.0Rel-16SMS transmission in Communication pattern parameters Details S2-1910195 agreedSP-191089approved16.5.0
23.4013549616.4.0Rel-16Removing requirement that TAC+SV is used to identify UE model in manufacturer assigned ID Details S2-1912550 agreedSP-191088approved16.5.0
23.4013547216.4.0Rel-16Ulicensed Spectrum for NR-U Details S2-1910667 agreedSP-191089approved16.5.0
23.4013544216.4.0Rel-16Avoiding RRC release due to inactivity for PARLOS Details S2-1910544 agreedSP-191087approved16.5.0
23.4013543116.4.0Rel-16Fixing incorrectly implemented 23.401 CR3491 Details S2-1910188 agreedSP-191087approved16.5.0
23.4013542816.4.0Rel-16Introduction of MT-EDT Details S2-1912322 agreedSP-191059approved16.5.0
23.4013541316.4.0Rel-16Clarification on UE capability update Details S2-1912515 agreedSP-191088approved16.5.0
23.4013538516.4.0Rel-16Assistance indication for WUS grouping Details S2-1911755 agreedSP-191089approved16.5.0
23.4013527316.4.0Rel-16UE Radio Capability ID allocation in EPS  SP-191331approved16.5.0
23.4013520216.4.0Rel-16Corrections of PLMN assigned Capability signaling Details S2-1911760 agreedSP-191088approved16.5.0