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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
38.101-30156116.1.0Rel-16Introduction of variable-duplex FDD bands: EN-DC band combinations  RP-193097approved16.2.0
38.101-30154-16.1.0Rel-16EN-DC grouping correction for FR1 only configurations REL-16R4-1915519agreedRP-193032approved16.2.0
38.101-30153116.1.0Rel-16CR for 38.101-3 intra-band EN-DC MPR/AMPRR4-1916204agreedRP-193033approved16.2.0
38.101-30152116.1.0Rel-16CR for 38.101-3 correction for intra-band EN-DC PcmaxR4-1916203agreedRP-193033approved16.2.0
38.101-30148-16.1.0Rel-16CR to TS 38.101-3 on inter-band EN-DC configurations including FR2 for five bands (Rel-16)R4-1915509agreedRP-193032approved16.2.0
38.101-30140216.1.0Rel-16CR to 38.101-3 on uplink power control for non synchronous NR-DC between FR1 and FR2R4-1916139agreedRP-193008approved16.2.0
38.101-30136-16.1.0Rel-16Mirror CR for 38.101-3: Clarification of the notation for intra-band EN-DC combinationsR4-1915203agreedRP-193033approved16.2.0
38.101-30134116.1.0Rel-16CR to 38.101-3 to add missing ?TIB and ?RIB values for DC_12-30_n66R4-1915587agreedRP-193012approved16.2.0
38.101-30133116.1.0Rel-16CR to 38.101-3 to remove duplicate combinationsR4-1915586agreedRP-193012approved16.2.0
38.101-30132-16.1.0Rel-16CR introduction completed band combinations 38.716-04-01 -> 38.101-3R4-1914690agreedRP-193012approved16.2.0
38.101-30131-16.1.0Rel-16CR introduction completed band combinations 37.716-31-11 -> 38.101-3R4-1914688agreedRP-193012approved16.2.0
38.101-30130-16.1.0Rel-16CR on introduction of completed EN-DC of 2 bands LTE and 1 band NR from RAN4#92bis and RAN4#93 into TS 38.101-3R4-1914597agreedRP-193012approved16.2.0
38.101-30129-16.1.0Rel-16CR to introduce new combinations of LTE 4band + NR 1band for TS 38.101-3R4-1914325agreedRP-193012approved16.2.0
38.101-30128-16.1.0Rel-16CR for 38.101-3: correct MSD exception for DC_2_n78(Rel-16)R4-1914322agreedRP-193033approved16.2.0
38.101-30126-16.1.0Rel-16CR for 38.101-3 introduce SUL band combination DC_66A_n78(2A)_SUL_n78A-n86AR4-1914320agreedRP-193012approved16.2.0
38.101-30125-16.1.0Rel-16CR for TS 38.101-3: Additional out-of-band blocking exceptions for inter-band EN-DCR4-1914228agreedRP-193033approved16.2.0
38.101-30123116.1.0Rel-16CR for TS 38.101-3: MSD due to cross band isolationR4-1915536agreedRP-193012approved16.2.0
38.101-30120-16.1.0Rel-16Pcmax for EN-DC: applicability of NS values and removal of a duty-cycle capabilityR4-1914138agreedRP-193033approved16.2.0
38.101-30114-16.1.0Rel-16Removal of brackets from MPR and MSD 38.101-3 REL16R4-1913971agreedRP-193033approved16.2.0
38.101-30112-16.1.0Rel-16Introducing CR on new EN-DC LTE(xDL/1UL)+ NR(2DL/1UL) DC in rel-16R4-1913966agreedRP-193012approved16.2.0
38.101-30111-16.1.0Rel-16CR to TS 38.101-3: adding missing 90MHz channel BW support for n77, n78 related CAR4-1913917agreedRP-193033approved16.2.0
38.101-30109-16.1.0Rel-16CR for TS 38.101-3: Removing MSD requirements for EN-DC combinations due to receiver even order harmonic mixing with UL 3rd harmonicR4-1913908agreedRP-193012approved16.2.0
38.101-30108-16.1.0Rel-16CR to TS 38.101-3 on inter-band CA, EN-DC, NE-DC and NR-DC configurations (Rel-16)R4-1913900agreedRP-193032approved16.2.0
38.101-30107-16.1.0Rel-16CR to TS 38.101-3: clarification for MPR statementR4-1913894agreedRP-193032approved16.2.0
38.101-30106-16.1.0Rel-16CR for TS 38.101-3: Removing MSD requirements for EN-DC combinations due to receiver even order harmonic mixing with UL 3rd harmonicR4-1913893agreedRP-193032approved16.2.0
38.101-30102-16.1.0Rel-16CR on introduction of completed EN-DC of 1 band LTE and 1 band NRR4-1913849agreedRP-193012approved16.2.0
38.101-30099-16.1.0Rel-16CR to TS 38.101-3 on single UL allowed for inter-band CA configurations (Rel-16)R4-1913843agreedRP-193012approved16.2.0
38.101-30097-16.1.0Rel-16Introducing NR inter-band CA for 3DL Bands and 1UL band for 38.101-3R4-1913759agreedRP-193012approved16.2.0
38.101-30095116.1.0Rel-16CR for adding solution for addressing SAR issue for EN-DC PC2 UER4-1915992agreedRP-193019approved16.2.0
38.101-30094-16.1.0Rel-16CR to remove square brackets for n90 in TS38.101-3R4-1913685agreedRP-193021approved16.2.0
38.101-30093116.1.0Rel-16CR to reflect the completed ENDC combinations for 3 bands DL with 3 bands UL into Rel16 TS 38.101-3R4-1916210agreedRP-193012approved16.2.0
38.101-30092-16.1.0Rel-16CR to reflect the completed NR inter band CA DC combinations for 3 bands DL with 2 bands UL into Rel16 TS 38.101-3R4-1913626agreedRP-193012approved16.2.0
38.101-30091-16.1.0Rel-16CR to reflect the completed NR inter band CA DC combinations for 2 bands DL with up to 2 bands UL into Rel16 TS 38.101-3R4-1913624agreedRP-193012approved16.2.0
38.101-30090-16.1.0Rel-16CR to TS38.101-3: Correction on channel spacing for intra-band EN-DC carriers (section 5.4B.1)R4-1913602agreedRP-193032approved16.2.0
38.101-30087-16.1.0Rel-16CR for 38.101-3: Correction to EN-DC and NE-DC Configurations (Rel-16)R4-1913378agreedRP-193032approved16.2.0
38.101-30085-16.1.0Rel-16CR for 38.101-3: Correction to DC Config and dual UL interferer (Rel-16)R4-1913376agreedRP-193032approved16.2.0
38.101-30079-16.1.0Rel-16CR for 38.101-3 EN-DC DL Synchronous CarriersR4-1913173agreedRP-193032approved16.2.0
38.101-30077-16.1.0Rel-16CR to 38.101-3 Missing Harmonic Mixing MSD for DC_3_n77/n78R4-1913171agreedRP-193032approved16.2.0
38.101-30075-16.1.0Rel-16CR for 38.101-3 EN-DC RX Out-of-Band Blocking for shared bands and bands in close proximityR4-1913169agreedRP-193032approved16.2.0