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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
38.1040123-15.7.0Rel-15CR to TS 38.104: Clarification for the number of interfering signals Details R4-1916074 agreedRP-193035approved15.8.0
38.1040121-15.7.0Rel-15CR to TS 38.104: Editorial corrections Details R4-1916073 agreedRP-193035approved15.8.0
38.1040117-15.7.0Rel-15Correction of limit for TX spurios BS type 1-H Details R4-1915267 agreedRP-193035approved15.8.0
38.1040115115.7.0Rel-15CR: Updates for PUCCH formats 3 and 4 performance requirements in TS 38.104 (Rel-15) Details R4-1915836 agreedRP-192999approved15.8.0
38.1040113115.7.0Rel-15CR to TS 38.104: MR BS class terminology correction, Rel-15 Details R4-1915735 agreedRP-193035approved15.8.0
38.1040111-15.7.0Rel-15CR to TS 38.104: OTA TAE correction, Rel-15 Details R4-1915015 agreedRP-193035approved15.8.0
38.1040109115.7.0Rel-15CR Frame averaging for EVM Annex B and C in TS 38.104 Details R4-1915585 agreedRP-193002approved15.8.0
38.1040107115.7.0Rel-15CR to 38.104: Correction on FR2 Category B OBUE mask Details R4-1916090 agreedRP-193035approved15.8.0
38.1040101115.7.0Rel-15CR to TS 38.104 BS demodulation CP-OFDM PUSCH FR2 requirements Details R4-1915549 agreedRP-192999approved15.8.0
38.1040099115.7.0Rel-15CR to TS 38.104 BS demodulation PUCCH format 0 requirements Details R4-1915546 agreedRP-192999approved15.8.0
38.1040096-15.7.0Rel-15CR to TS38.104: further updates on the abbreviations (section 3.3)-R15 Details R4-1914242 agreedRP-193035approved15.8.0
38.1040088-15.7.0Rel-15CR to TS 38.104 on corrections to channel raster entries for NR band (Rel-15) Details R4-1913918 agreedRP-193034approved15.8.0
38.1040086-15.7.0Rel-15CR to TS 38.104: Correction on interfering signal frequency offsets for receiver intermodulation requirements Details R4-1913787 agreedRP-193034approved15.8.0
38.1040084-15.7.0Rel-15CR to TR 38.104: Correction of table reference of interfering signal for ACS requirement Details R4-1913783 agreedRP-193034approved15.8.0
38.1040082-15.7.0Rel-15CR to TS 38.104: Finalization of interfering RB centre frequency offsets in receiver narrowband blocking requirement Details R4-1913779 agreedRP-193034approved15.8.0
38.1040080-15.7.0Rel-15CR to TS 38.104: Correction on interference level of receiver dynamic range requirement Details R4-1913772 agreedRP-193034approved15.8.0
38.1040076115.7.0Rel-15Updates to PRACH requirements in TS 38.104 for Rel-15 Details R4-1915498 agreedRP-192999approved15.8.0
38.1040073215.7.0Rel-15CR to 38.104 on Receiver spurious emission requirements Details R4-1916150 agreedRP-193034approved15.8.0
38.1040071115.7.0Rel-15CR to 38.104 on Corrections from endorsed draft CRs (Rel-15) Details R4-1916087 agreedRP-193035approved15.8.0
38.1040069115.7.0Rel-15CR to 38.104 on Editorial corrections (Rel-15) Details R4-1916085 agreedRP-193035approved15.8.0
38.1040066115.7.0Rel-15CR to TS38.104: Editorial corrections Details R4-1915484 agreedRP-193035approved15.8.0
38.1040064115.7.0Rel-15CR for TS38.104: Corrections on channel bandwdith for band n34 Details R4-1915483 agreedRP-193034approved15.8.0
38.1040062115.7.0Rel-15CR for 38.104 on PUSCH requirements with CP-OFDM and FR1 Details R4-1915814 agreedRP-192999approved15.8.0
38.1040060-15.7.0Rel-15CR on correction on FRC table for FR1 PUSCH performance requirements (Rel-15) for TS 38.104 Details R4-1913355 agreedRP-192999approved15.8.0
38.1040058115.7.0Rel-15CR on correction of NR UCI on PUSCH performance requirements (Rel-15) for TS 38.104 Details R4-1915820 agreedRP-192999approved15.8.0
38.1040056-15.7.0Rel-15CR on correction of NR PUCCH format2 performance requirements (Rel-15) for TS 38.104 Details R4-1913343 agreedRP-192999approved15.8.0
38.1040054-15.7.0Rel-15Sync raster to SSB resource element mapping Details R4-1913281 agreedRP-193034approved15.8.0
38.1040052115.7.0Rel-15CR for 38.104: Performance requirements for NR multi-slot PUCCH Details R4-1915443 agreedRP-192999approved15.8.0
38.1040051115.7.0Rel-15CR for 38.104: Performance requirements for NR PUCCH format 1 Details R4-1915441 agreedRP-192999approved15.8.0
38.1040048115.7.0Rel-15CR to TS 38.104: Update of performance requirements for DFT-s-OFDM based PUSCH (Rel-15) Details R4-1915825 agreedRP-192999approved15.8.0