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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.0030574-16.1.0Rel-16DNS identifiers for UCMF Details C4-200651 agreedCP-200021approved16.2.0
23.0030573316.1.0Rel-16NAI format used for 5G registration via trusted non-3GPP access - part 2 Details C4-201239 agreedCP-200035approved16.2.0
23.0030572116.1.0Rel-16UE identifier for SNPN Details C4-200444 agreedCP-200032approved16.2.0
23.0030571116.1.0Rel-16CAG-ID size Details C4-200439 agreedCP-200032approved16.2.0
23.0030570316.1.0Rel-16PEI for UEs not supporting any 3GPP access technologies Details C4-201062 agreedCP-200035approved16.2.0
23.0030569316.1.0Rel-16User Location for RG accessing the 5GC via W-5GCAN or W-5GBAN Details C4-201061 agreedCP-200035approved16.2.0
23.0030568316.1.0Rel-16SUCI definition for 5G-RG and FN-RG Details C4-201060 agreedCP-200035approved16.2.0
23.0030567316.1.0Rel-16SUPI definition for 5G-RG and FN-RG Details C4-201059 agreedCP-200035approved16.2.0
23.0030565216.1.0Rel-16NF (Service) Set ID definitions for Standalone Non-Public Networks Details C4-200530 agreedCP-200032approved16.2.0
23.0030564216.1.0Rel-16UE Radio Capability ID Details C4-201191 agreedCP-200021approved16.2.0
23.0030563116.1.0Rel-16NID Details C4-200337 agreedCP-200032approved16.2.0