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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
31.1210321215.6.1Rel-15Introducing test case, SUCI calculation by ME using the lower priority protection scheme in order when the highest priority not working properlyC6-200189agreedCP-200084approved15.7.0
31.1210320-15.6.1Rel-15Introducing Universal Access Control TC 5.4.6C6-200158agreedCP-200084approved15.7.0
31.1210319-15.6.1Rel-15Introducing a test case, SUCI calculation by ME using null scheme with the E-UTRAN/EPC UICCC6-200152agreedCP-200084approved15.7.0
31.1210318115.6.1Rel-15Introducing a test case, SUCI calculation by ME using null scheme with the home network public key not provisioned in the USIMC6-200197agreedCP-200084approved15.7.0
31.1210317115.6.1Rel-15Introduing a test case, SUCI calculation by ME using null scheme with the priority list of protection scheme not provisioned in the USIMC6-200196agreedCP-200084approved15.7.0
31.1210316-15.6.1Rel-15Correct the length of 'A1' for EFSUCI_Calc_Info in 5.3.1C6-200147agreedCP-200084approved15.7.0
31.1210315-15.6.1Rel-15Introduction test case – 5.3.xx , UE identification by SUCI during initial registration, SUCI calculation by USIM using profile AC6-200146agreedCP-200084approved15.7.0
31.1210314-15.6.1Rel-15Correct the length of 'A1' for EFSUCI_Calc_Info in 4.9.4C6-200144agreedCP-200084approved15.7.0
31.1210310115.6.1Rel-15Order update of Protection Scheme Identifier in TC 5.3.11C6-200122agreedCP-200084approved15.7.0
31.1210309215.6.1Rel-15Update of default content of EFSUCI_Calc_InfoC6-200193agreedCP-200084approved15.7.0
31.1210308115.6.1Rel-15Title update of test case 5.3.10C6-200120agreedCP-200084approved15.7.0
31.1210307215.6.1Rel-15Introducing Universal Access Control test case 5.4.3C6-200171agreedCP-200084approved15.7.0
31.1210306215.6.1Rel-15Introduction of Authentication procedure and NAS security context handling for 5G test casesC6-200170agreedCP-200084approved15.7.0