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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
32.2550204316.3.0Rel-16Introduce CHF-Controlled Quota ManagementS5-201575agreedSP-200182approved16.4.0
32.2550203116.3.0Rel-16Rel-16 CR 32.255 Remove Editor's note of PDU Session establishment with I-SMF insertionS5-201452agreedSP-200170approved16.4.0
32.2550200216.3.0Rel-16Rel-16 CR 32.255 Adding/removal/change of PSA2 and UL CL or BP controlled by I-SMFS5-201574agreedSP-200170approved16.4.0
32.2550190216.3.0Rel-16Rel16 CR 32.255 Add description on identifier in a PDU session for 5G RG and FN RGS5-201456agreedSP-200164approved16.4.0
32.2550189216.3.0Rel-16Rel-16 CR 32.255 Add precedure for FN RG scenarioS5-201454agreedSP-200164approved16.4.0
32.2550188116.3.0Rel-16Rel16 CR 32.255 Add precedure for 5G RG scenarioS5-201438agreedSP-200164approved16.4.0
32.2550186116.3.0Rel-16Rel-16 CR 32.255 Add 5WWC architecture diagramS5-201447agreedSP-200164approved16.4.0
32.2550185116.3.0Rel-16Rel16 CR 32.255 Add 5WWC charging requirementsS5-201436agreedSP-200164approved16.4.0
32.2550182216.3.0Rel-16Rel-16 CR 32.255 Add the branching point or UL CL controlled by I-SMFS5-201573agreedSP-200170approved16.4.0
32.2550172116.3.0Rel-16Rel-16 CR 32.255 Introduction of V-SMF Change in Roaming HR - flowsS5-201460agreedSP-200170approved16.4.0
32.2550170116.3.0Rel-16Rel-16 CR 32.255 Introduction of ATSSS flowsS5-201464agreedSP-200179approved16.4.0
32.2550169116.3.0Rel-16Rel-16 CR 32.255 Introduction of MA PDU session and PCC RulesS5-201462agreedSP-200179approved16.4.0
32.2550168116.3.0Rel-16Rel-16 CR 32.255 Introduction of ATSSS architecture reference and charging requirementsS5-201461agreedSP-200179approved16.4.0
32.2550167116.3.0Rel-16Rel-16 CR 32.255 Introduction of V-SMF change in Roaming HR - principlesS5-201459agreedSP-200170approved16.4.0
32.2550141216.3.0Rel-16Rel-16 CR 32.255 EPS to 5GS handover using N26 interface with I-SMFS5-201455agreedSP-200170approved16.4.0
32.2550140216.3.0Rel-16Rel-16 CR 32.255 5GS to EPS handover using N26 interface with I-SMFS5-201453agreedSP-200170approved16.4.0