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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
38.1040159116.2.0Rel-16CR for 38.104: Performance requirements for FR2 PUSCH 2T2R 16QAM Details R4-2002403 agreedRP-200379approved16.3.0
38.1040158216.2.0Rel-16CR for 38.104: HST PUSCH demodulation Annex including both FRC and channel model Details R4-2002537 agreedRP-200407approved16.3.0
38.1040157216.2.0Rel-16CR for 38.104: HST PUSCH demodulation requirements introduction Details R4-2002536 agreedRP-200407approved16.3.0
38.1040156116.2.0Rel-16CR for TS 38.104: Introduction of PRACH demodulation requirements for NR HST Details R4-2002410 agreedRP-200407approved16.3.0
38.1040149-16.2.0Rel-16CR to TS 38.104 editorial correction R16 catA Details R4-2001245 agreedRP-200398approved16.3.0
38.1040148-16.2.0Rel-16CR to 38.104 Band n38 - wider CBW - Additional Channel BW Details R4-2001209 agreedRP-200385approved16.3.0
38.1040146116.2.0Rel-16CR to 38.104 Band n1 - wider CBW - Additional Channel BW Details R4-2002844 agreedRP-200383approved16.3.0
38.1040145-16.2.0Rel-16IntraSlot frequency hopping applicability in the one OFDM symbol test case Details R4-2001173 agreedRP-200398approved16.3.0
38.1040143-16.2.0Rel-16Maintenance on the BS BW for n92 and n94 Details R4-2001039 agreedRP-200392approved16.3.0
38.1040142-16.2.0Rel-16CR to TS 38.104: Regional requirements Details R4-2001006 agreedRP-200398approved16.3.0
38.1040139-16.2.0Rel-16CR for TS 38.104: adding wider channel bandwidths for n66 Details R4-2000830 agreedRP-200386approved16.3.0
38.1040138216.2.0Rel-16CR for 38.104: Appendix for UL timing adjustment Details R4-2002539 agreedRP-200407approved16.3.0
38.1040137216.2.0Rel-16CR for 38.104: introduction of UL timing adjustment Details R4-2002538 agreedRP-200407approved16.3.0
38.1040136116.2.0Rel-16CR for 38.104: new FRC tables for FR2 PUSCH 2T2R MCS12 Details R4-2002401 agreedRP-200379approved16.3.0
38.1040134116.2.0Rel-16CR to TS 38.104: Corrections on rated carrier output power symbols Details R4-2002528 agreedRP-200398approved16.3.0
38.1040132-16.2.0Rel-16CR to TS 38.104: Corrections on NB-IoT operation in NR channel bandwidth Details R4-2000671 agreedRP-200410approved16.3.0
38.1040131-16.2.0Rel-16Introducing new channel bandwidth for band n28 Details R4-2000623 agreedRP-200384approved16.3.0
38.1040127116.2.0Rel-16Introduction of n53 Details R4-2002859 agreedRP-200382approved16.3.0
38.1040126-16.2.0Rel-16Introduction of n26 Details R4-2000339 agreedRP-200381approved16.3.0