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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
38.101-30218-16.2.1Rel-16CR for introduce new EN-DC of LTE 2,3,4 band + NR FR1 1UL/1DL band + NR FR2 1UL/1DL band for TS 38.101-3R4-2002107agreedRP-200380approved16.3.0
38.101-30217-16.2.1Rel-16EN-DC configuration table correctionsR4-2002099agreedRP-200378approved16.3.0
38.101-30215116.2.1Rel-16CR to 38.101-3 on EN-DC band combination with SUL for n41R4-2002665agreedRP-200380approved16.3.0
38.101-30213116.2.1Rel-16CR for inter-band ENDC Tx requirement_Rel-16R4-2003084agreedRP-200396approved16.3.0
38.101-30211-16.2.1Rel-16CR to 38.101-3 R16 to remove FDM ULSUP combinationsR4-2001716agreedRP-200396approved16.3.0
38.101-30208116.2.1Rel-16Rel-16 CR to 38.101-3 for editorial correctionsR4-2002613agreedRP-200380approved16.3.0
38.101-30207-16.2.1Rel-16CR introduction completed band combinations 38.716-04-01 -> 38.101-3R4-2001514agreedRP-200380approved16.3.0
38.101-30206-16.2.1Rel-16CR introduction completed band combinations 37.716-31-11 -> 38.101-3R4-2001512agreedRP-200380approved16.3.0
38.101-30200-16.2.1Rel-16CR to introduce new combinations of LTE 4band + NR 1band for TS 38.101-3R4-2001285agreedRP-200380approved16.3.0
38.101-30199-16.2.1Rel-16CR on correction of 38.101-3 NEDC Ppowerclass (Rel-16)R4-2001228agreedRP-200396approved16.3.0
38.101-30196-16.2.1Rel-16Introducing CR on new EN-DC LTE(xDL/1UL)+ NR(2DL/1UL) DC in rel-16R4-2001066agreedRP-200380approved16.3.0
38.101-30195-16.2.1Rel-16CR to TS 38.101-3: adding 90MHz channel BW support for Rel.16 CA_n78A-n257 configurationsR4-2000986agreedRP-200380approved16.3.0
38.101-30193-16.2.1Rel-16CR to TS 38.101-3: editorial correction for output power dynamics for intra-band EN-DCR4-2000893agreedRP-200396approved16.3.0
38.101-30190-16.2.1Rel-16CR on introduction of completed EN-DC of 1 band LTE and 1 band NRR4-2000887agreedRP-200380approved16.3.0
38.101-30187-16.2.1Rel-16CR on introduction of completed EN-DC of 2 bands LTE and 1 band NR from RAN4#94-e into TS 38.101-3R4-2000842agreedRP-200380approved16.3.0
38.101-30186-16.2.1Rel-16CR for 38.101-3: Correction of MOP tolerance for DC_39_n41R4-2000707agreedRP-200380approved16.3.0
38.101-30184-16.2.1Rel-16UE co-existence reuiqrements for band n28 into 38.101-3R4-2000622agreedRP-200384approved16.3.0
38.101-30182-16.2.1Rel-16CR for TS38.101-3, Correction of IE RF-Parameters name of maxUplinkDutyCycleR4-2000598agreedRP-200396approved16.3.0
38.101-30181-16.2.1Rel-16Correction to remedy missing implementation of approved CR0093r1R4-2000558agreedRP-200380approved16.3.0
38.101-30180-16.2.1Rel-16CR to reflect the completed ENDC combinations for 3 bands DL with 3 bands UL into Rel16 TS 38.101-3R4-2000501agreedRP-200380approved16.3.0
38.101-30179-16.2.1Rel-16CR to reflect the completed NR inter band CA DC combinations for 3 bands DL with 2 bands UL into Rel16 TS 38.101-3R4-2000500agreedRP-200380approved16.3.0
38.101-30178-16.2.1Rel-16CR to reflect the completed NR inter band CA DC combinations for 2 bands DL with up to 2 bands UL into Rel16 TS 38.101-3R4-2000498agreedRP-200380approved16.3.0
38.101-30177-16.2.1Rel-16CR to TS 38.101-3: Correct the intra-band ENDC channel spacingR4-2000490agreedRP-200396approved16.3.0
38.101-30175116.2.1Rel-16CR to TS 38.101-3: Updated the MSD values for ENDC 3-n41R4-2002584agreedRP-200380approved16.3.0
38.101-30174-16.2.1Rel-16CR to TS 38.101-3: editorial corrections on Rx requirements for intra-band contiguous EN-DCR4-2000454agreedRP-200396approved16.3.0
38.101-30172-16.2.1Rel-16CR to TS 38.101-3: corrections on ACS for intra-band contiguous EN-DCR4-2000452agreedRP-200396approved16.3.0
38.101-30166-16.2.1Rel-16CR for 38.101-3: DC_25-41_n41 correctionR4-2000417agreedRP-200380approved16.3.0
38.101-30165116.2.1Rel-16CR for 38.101-3: Remove delta Tib and delta Rib for FR1+FR2 CAR4-2002716agreedRP-200380approved16.3.0
38.101-30164-16.2.1Rel-16Mirror CR for 38.101-3: Correction of MOP tolerance for B41/n41 EN-DCR4-2000411agreedRP-200396approved16.3.0
38.101-30159116.2.1Rel-16CR on SAR solution for TDD&TDD EN-DC PC2 UER4-2002861agreedRP-200388approved16.3.0