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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
38.101-20136-16.2.0Rel-16R16 CR to 38.101-2: TRS and SSB configurations in FR2R4-2002736agreedRP-200395approved16.3.0
38.101-20133-16.2.0Rel-16Correction of Inner Allocation Definition for Powerclass 3R4-2002091agreedRP-200378approved16.3.0
38.101-20132-16.2.0Rel-16Rel-16 CR to 38.101-2 for editorial correctionsR4-2002025agreedRP-200380approved16.3.0
38.101-20126216.2.0Rel-16CR for 38.101-2 side condition for BC_Rel16  RP-200469approved16.3.0
38.101-20118-16.2.0Rel-16CR to TS 38.101-2 Correction on FRC table for FR2 DL 64QAM(R16)R4-2000913agreedRP-200395approved16.3.0
38.101-20114-16.2.0Rel-16CR for TS 38.101-2: Editorial addition of CBW and CABW definitions in Abbreviations sectionR4-2000746agreedRP-200395approved16.3.0
38.101-20110-16.2.0Rel-16CR to 38.101-2: Align Rx CA requirements structure with TS38.101-1R4-2000696agreedRP-200395approved16.3.0
38.101-20108-16.2.0Rel-16CR to TS 38.101-2 on corrections to intra-band contiguous CA for FR2 bands (Rel-16)R4-2000562agreedRP-200395approved16.3.0
38.101-20106-16.2.0Rel-16CR FR2 CA tables REL16R4-2000523agreedRP-200395approved16.3.0
38.101-20099-16.2.0Rel-16CR to 38.101-2 (Rel-16) MPR for CAR4-2000398agreedRP-200395approved16.3.0
38.101-20080-16.2.0Rel-16Correction of the FR2 RMC slot patterns for MOP test casesR4-2000004agreedRP-200395approved16.3.0