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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
38.3060261-15.8.0Rel-16Introduction of UE capability indicator of supporting inter-RAT handover from NR to EN-DC in 38.306 Details R2-2002338 agreedRP-200358approved16.0.0
38.3060260-15.8.0Rel-16Recommended Bit Rate/Query for FLUS and MTSI Details R2-2002181 agreedRP-200359approved16.0.0
38.3060258115.8.0Rel-16Introduction of downgraded configuration for SRS antenna switching Details R2-2002261 agreedRP-200358approved16.0.0
38.3060243115.8.0Rel-16Introduction of DL RRC segmentation Details R2-2002160 agreedRP-200358approved16.0.0
38.3060235-15.8.0Rel-16Introduction of SRVCC from 5G to 3G Details R2-2000651 agreedRP-200350approved16.0.0
38.3060233115.8.0Rel-16Introdution of EPS voice fallback enhancement Details R2-2002327 agreedRP-200358approved16.0.0
38.3060230-15.8.0Rel-16Introduction of Cross Link Interference (CLI) handling and Remote Interference Management (RIM) Details R2-2000441 agreedRP-200340approved16.0.0
38.3060229-15.8.0Rel-16UE capability for IDC Details R2-2000363 agreedRP-200357approved16.0.0
38.3060226215.8.0Rel-16Introducing autonomous gap in CGI reporting Details R2-2002147 agreedRP-200358approved16.0.0
38.3060223115.8.0Rel-16Inclusion of 90MHz UE Bandwidth Details R2-2002133 agreedRP-200335approved16.0.0
38.3060214215.8.0Rel-16Correction on beamSwitchTiming values of 224 and 336 Details R2-2001893 agreedRP-200335approved16.0.0
38.3060145115.8.0Rel-16CR on capability of maxUplinkDutyCycle for inter-band EN-DC PC2 UE Details R2-2002107 agreedRP-200356approved16.0.0