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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
38.141-20133115.4.0Rel-15CR to TS 38.141-2: Random data content for NR BS Test ModelsR4-2002455agreedRP-200403approved15.5.0
38.141-20131-15.4.0Rel-15CR to 38.141-2 on Correction of Receiver Spurious EmissionsR4-2001685agreedRP-200403approved15.5.0
38.141-20129115.4.0Rel-15CR to 38.141-2 updates for reference to annex F and OFDM symbol TX powerR4-2002460agreedRP-200403approved15.5.0
38.141-20127115.4.0Rel-15CR to 38.141-2 updates for OSTP calculationsR4-2002457agreedRP-200465approved15.5.0
38.141-20119-15.4.0Rel-15IntraSlot frequency hopping applicability in the one OFDM symbol test caseR4-2001176agreedRP-200403approved15.5.0
38.141-20117-15.4.0Rel-15CR to TS 38.141-2: Regional requirementsR4-2001007agreedRP-200403approved15.5.0
38.141-20110115.4.0Rel-15CR to TS 38.141-2: Corrections on generation of test configurationsR4-2002532agreedRP-200403approved15.5.0
38.141-20108115.4.0Rel-15CR to TS 38.141-2: Corrections on rated carrier output power symbols and clarifications on procedure for reverberation chamberR4-2002530agreedRP-200403approved15.5.0
38.141-20103-15.4.0Rel-15CR on correction of NR UCI on PUSCH radiated performance requirements for TS 38.141-2R4-2000297agreedRP-200403approved15.5.0