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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
38.4230337116.0.0Rel-16Rapporteur Corrections Rel-16 Details R3-201488 agreedRP-200425approved16.1.0
38.4230335-16.0.0Rel-16Correction of CR0208 on Xn Setup Message Size Control Details R3-201001 agreedRP-200425approved16.1.0
38.4230334116.0.0Rel-16Correction of CR0089r4: CLI Support on XnAP Details R3-201349 agreedRP-200429approved16.1.0
38.4230331116.0.0Rel-16Correction of CR0282r1 - procedure text Details R3-201263 agreedRP-200428approved16.1.0
38.4230329-16.0.0Rel-16Correction of CR0236r2 to explicate procedural interaction Details R3-200932 agreedRP-200428approved16.1.0
38.4230327-16.0.0Rel-16Propagation of Roaming and Access Restriction information in NG-RAN in non-homogenous NG-RAN node deployments Details R3-200867 agreedRP-200428approved16.1.0
38.4230322116.0.0Rel-16Misalignment between the tabular and ASN.1 within the SN modification procedure Details R3-201252 agreedRP-200428approved16.1.0
38.4230318116.0.0Rel-16Cleanup for Fast MCG link Recovery with SRB3 Details R3-201351 agreedRP-200427approved16.1.0
38.4230310416.0.0Rel-16E2E delay measurement for QoS monitoring for URLLC  RP-200476approved16.1.0
38.4230303-16.0.0Rel-16Correction of the referred RRCResumeRequest1 name Details R3-200347 agreedRP-200428approved16.1.0
38.4230274216.0.0Rel-16Introduction of NR-U Details R3-201294 agreedRP-200422approved16.1.0