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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
31.1210349115.7.0Rel-15Correction to testcase 5.3.8: UE identification by 5G-GUTI – Last Registered TAI stored on USIMC6-200351agreedCP-201151approved15.8.0
31.1210348115.7.0Rel-15Correction test case – 5.3.10 UE identification after SUPI is changedC6-200348agreedCP-201151approved15.8.0
31.1210347115.7.0Rel-15Correction test case – 5.3.9 UE identification by 5G-GUTI – Last Registered TAI stored by MEC6-200347agreedCP-201151approved15.8.0
31.1210346115.7.0Rel-15Correction to handling of 5G timers in 5G test casesC6-200379agreedCP-201145approved15.8.0
31.1210345115.7.0Rel-15Correction to Test Case 5.3.4C6-200316agreedCP-201151approved15.8.0
31.1210344215.7.0Rel-15Clarification to several test casesC6-200396agreedCP-201151approved15.8.0
31.1210343215.7.0Rel-15Correction of IMSI in the default 5G-NR UICCC6-200366agreedCP-201143approved15.8.0
31.1210342-15.7.0Rel-15Introduction new test case 5.3.x - SUCI calculation by by ME using Profile B with compressed Home Network Public KeyC6-200266agreedCP-201151approved15.8.0
31.1210341-15.7.0Rel-15Correction of the Home Network Public Key 2 used in test case 5.3.11C6-200265agreedCP-201151approved15.8.0
31.1210340-15.7.0Rel-15Correction of the Home Network Public Key used in test case 5.3.3C6-200264agreedCP-201151approved15.8.0
31.1210339-15.7.0Rel-15Correction of EF_SUCI_Calc_Info in test case 5.3.1C6-200263agreedCP-201151approved15.8.0
31.1210338115.7.0Rel-15Correction of EF_SUCI_Calc_Info in the 5G-NR UICCC6-200342agreedCP-201151approved15.8.0
31.1210337115.7.0Rel-15Correction test case – 5.3.16C6-200346agreedCP-201151approved15.8.0
31.1210332615.7.0Rel-15Correction of minor issues in 15.2.x test cases  CP-201333approved15.8.0
31.1210330315.7.0Rel-15Clarification to test cases 5.3.5C6-200389agreedCP-201151approved15.8.0
31.1210329215.7.0Rel-15Update the scope of 31.121 to cover 5G aspectsC6-200370agreedCP-201145approved15.8.0
31.1210328315.7.0Rel-15Introduction of tests 15.1.1 to 15.1.4 - Authentication procedure for EAP-AKA''C6-200341agreedCP-201151approved15.8.0
31.1210327215.7.0Rel-15Introduction of test 5.4.7 - UAC - Access Identity 2 – no MCS indication by USIM and SUPI is changedC6-200339agreedCP-201151approved15.8.0
31.1210326215.7.0Rel-15Introduction of test 5.4.4 - UAC - Access Identity 1 – no MPS indication by USIM and SUPI is changedC6-200390agreedCP-201151approved15.8.0
31.1210325115.7.0Rel-15Correction of Initial conditions of TC 5.4.3 and 5.4.6C6-200337agreedCP-201151approved15.8.0
31.1210324115.7.0Rel-15Introduction test case – 5.5.2 – Display of 5G Operator PLMN name from ME.C6-200345agreedCP-201151approved15.8.0
31.1210323115.7.0Rel-15Introduction test case – 5.5.1 – Display of 5G Operator PLMN name from USIMC6-200344agreedCP-201151approved15.8.0
31.1210322115.7.0Rel-15Adding a default UICC profile to the initial conditions of 5.4.x test casesC6-200329agreedCP-201151approved15.8.0
31.1210313215.7.0Rel-15Correction of incorrect numbering in TC 5.4.1C6-200336agreedCP-201151approved15.8.0
31.1210312415.7.0Rel-15Correction of incorrectly coded EF_ACC bytes in TC 5.4.9C6-200386agreedCP-201151approved15.8.0
31.1210311315.7.0Rel-15Correction of UICC interface during eDRX testsC6-200357agreedCP-201143approved15.8.0