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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
32.2910244-16.3.0Rel-16Rel-16 CR 32.291 OpenAPI version update Details S5-203513 agreedSP-200486approved16.4.0
32.2910242-16.3.0Rel-16Rel-16 CR 32.291 Adding CHFCQM as supported feature Details S5-203490 agreedSP-200508approved16.4.0
32.2910240116.3.0Rel-16Rel-16 CR 32.291 Correcting pduSessionInformation as optional Details S5-203487 agreedSP-200485approved16.4.0
32.2910237116.3.0Rel-16Rel-16 CR 32.291 Correct offline only charging service API due to maintainance Details S5-203494 agreedSP-200485approved16.4.0
32.2910233116.3.0Rel-16Rel-16 CR 32.291 Correct the Charging Data Response for NEF charging Details S5-203482 agreedSP-200485approved16.4.0
32.2910232116.3.0Rel-16Rel-16 CR 32.291 Correct the PDU Address Details S5-203481 agreedSP-200485approved16.4.0
32.2910231-16.3.0Rel-16Rel-16 CR 32.291 Introduce TS 29.500 and TS 29.501 full applicability Details S5-203051 agreedSP-200485approved16.4.0
32.2910228116.3.0Rel-16Rel-16 CR 32.291 Correction of NodeFunctionality Details S5-202411 agreedSP-200507approved16.4.0
32.2910226116.3.0Rel-16Rel-16 CR 32.291 Add description on identifier for 5G RG and FN RG Details S5-202410 agreedSP-200505approved16.4.0
32.2910224116.3.0Rel-16Rel-16 CR 32.291 Add the reference about the storage of OPENAPI in FORGE Details S5-202431 agreedSP-200484approved16.4.0
32.2910221216.3.0Rel-16Add the Retransmission Indicator in Open API  SP-200522approved16.4.0
32.2910220-16.3.0Rel-16Rel-16 CR 32.291 Correction of content problem, callback and version Details S5-202078 agreedSP-200484approved16.4.0
32.2910219-16.3.0Rel-16Rel-16 CR 32.291 Missing downlink volume in QFI container Details S5-202077 agreedSP-200484approved16.4.0
32.2910217116.3.0Rel-16Rel-16 CR 32.291 Missing event limit in trigger type Details S5-202437 agreedSP-200484approved16.4.0
32.2910216-16.3.0Rel-16Rel-16 CR 32.291 Missing AMF as network function Details S5-202068 agreedSP-200510approved16.4.0