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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
38.101-30296-16.3.0Rel-16CR to remove TBD in 38.101-3R4-2008988agreedRP-200988approved16.4.0
38.101-30287216.3.0Rel-16CR for TS 38.101-3: NR V2X con-current operationR4-2009172agreedRP-200958approved16.4.0
38.101-30282116.3.0Rel-16Addition of UE coexistence between US DC combinations and NR Band n77R4-2008899agreedRP-201045approved16.4.0
38.101-30281216.3.0Rel-16CR to 38.101-3 MSD due to UL harmonics and intermodulation interference R16R4-2009152agreedRP-201055approved16.4.0
38.101-30280-16.3.0Rel-16CR for 38.101-3: to clean up for SUL band combinationsR4-2008070agreedRP-200959approved16.4.0
38.101-30279-16.3.0Rel-16CR Rel-16 for editorial corrections TS 38.101-3R4-2007636agreedRP-200959approved16.4.0
38.101-30277-16.3.0Rel-16CR introduction completed band combinations 37.716-31-11 -R4-2007607agreedRP-200959approved16.4.0
38.101-30276-16.3.0Rel-16CR to reflect the completed NR inter band CA DC combinations for 3 bands DL with 2 bands UL into Rel16 TS 38.101-3R4-2007557agreedRP-200959approved16.4.0
38.101-30275-16.3.0Rel-16CR on introduction of completed EN-DC of 2 bands LTE and 1 band NR from RAN4#94bis-e and RAN4#95-e into TS 38.101-3R4-2007339agreedRP-200959approved16.4.0
38.101-30274-16.3.0Rel-16CR to introduce new combinations of LTE 4band + NR 1band for TS 38.101-3R4-2007167agreedRP-200959approved16.4.0
38.101-30272116.3.0Rel-16Removal of the Annex modifiedMPR-Behaviour from the NSA specificationR4-2009293agreedRP-200985approved16.4.0
38.101-30269-16.3.0Rel-16CR to reflect the completed ENDC combinations for 3 bands DL with 3 bands UL into Rel16 TS 38.101-3R4-2007023agreedRP-200959approved16.4.0
38.101-30268-16.3.0Rel-16CR to reflect the completed NR inter band CA DC combinations for 2 bands DL with up to 2 bands UL into Rel16 TS 38.101-3R4-2007021agreedRP-200959approved16.4.0
38.101-30267-16.3.0Rel-16CR to TS 38.101-3: Clean up the MSD test point for ENDC(three band)R4-2007006agreedRP-200985approved16.4.0
38.101-30264-16.3.0Rel-16Correction to EN-DC coexistence requirementsR4-2006952agreedRP-200959approved16.4.0
38.101-30261-16.3.0Rel-16CR to TS 38.101-3 on REFSENS relaxation due to EN-DC (Rel-16)R4-2006912agreedRP-200985approved16.4.0
38.101-30259-16.3.0Rel-16CR to TS 38.101-3 on configured output power relaxation due to EN-DC (Rel-16)R4-2006910agreedRP-200985approved16.4.0
38.101-30255-16.3.0Rel-16Big CR on introduction of completed EN-DC of 1 band LTE and 1 band NRR4-2006890agreedRP-200959approved16.4.0
38.101-30252-16.3.0Rel-16Introducing CR on new EN-DC LTE(xDL/1UL)+ NR(2DL/1UL) DC in Rel-16R4-2006728agreedRP-200959approved16.4.0
38.101-30251-16.3.0Rel-16Mirror CR for 38.101-3: Corrections for Ppowerclass and referenced sectionsR4-2006650agreedRP-200985approved16.4.0
38.101-30249116.3.0Rel-16CR for 38.101-3: Introduction of Power Class 1.5R4-2008904agreedRP-200965approved16.4.0
38.101-30245-16.3.0Rel-16MOP for interband EN-DC including both FR1 and FR2 REL16R4-2006491agreedRP-200985approved16.4.0
38.101-30243116.3.0Rel-16FR1+FR2 CA interband CA BCS support REL16R4-2008412agreedRP-200985approved16.4.0
38.101-30241-16.3.0Rel-16CR for TS 38.101-3: Adding missing MSD due to UL harmonic for DC_28_n50R4-2006456agreedRP-200959approved16.4.0
38.101-30240-16.3.0Rel-16CR for TS 38.101-3: MSD due to UL harmonicR4-2006455agreedRP-200985approved16.4.0
38.101-30238116.3.0Rel-16CR for TS 38.101-3: Missing MSD due to cross band isolationR4-2008401agreedRP-200985approved16.4.0
38.101-30236116.3.0Rel-16CR to TS 38.101-3: editorial corrections on wide band Intermodulation for intra-band contiguous EN-DC in FR1R4-2008985agreedRP-200985approved16.4.0
38.101-30234-16.3.0Rel-16CR to TS 38.101-3 R16: corrections on ACS for intra-band contiguous EN-DCR4-2006386agreedRP-200985approved16.4.0
38.101-30232-16.3.0Rel-16CR Coexistence cleanup for 38101-3 Rel16R4-2006343agreedRP-200959approved16.4.0
38.101-30229-16.3.0Rel-16Introducing NR inter-band CA for 3DL Bands and 1UL band for 38.101-3R4-2006285agreedRP-200959approved16.4.0
38.101-30228-16.3.0Rel-16CR for TS38.101-3, Aligned IE RF-Parameters name of maxUplinkDutyCycle with RAN2R4-2006242agreedRP-200960approved16.4.0
38.101-30223316.3.0Rel-16CR to TS 38.101-3: Switching time mask between two uplink carriers in EN-DC  RP-200880approved16.4.0