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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
38.1040212-15.9.0Rel-15TS38.104 draft CR on 30KHz SSB SCS for n40 Details R4-2008242 agreedRP-200986approved15.10.0
38.1040210215.9.0Rel-15CR to 38.104 on EESS protection for bands n257 and n258 (Rel-15 Details R4-2009056 agreedRP-200986approved15.10.0
38.1040208115.9.0Rel-15CR to 38.104 on Receiver spurious emissions exclusion band (Rel-15) Details R4-2008738 agreedRP-200986approved15.10.0
38.1040206115.9.0Rel-15CR to 38.104 on Removal of brackets and TBD (Rel-15) Details R4-2009055 agreedRP-200986approved15.10.0
38.1040194-15.9.0Rel-15CR to 38.104: Adding missing clause on Radiated Performance requirements for multi-slot PUCCH (11.3.1) Details R4-2007461 agreedRP-200986approved15.10.0
38.1040181215.9.0Rel-15Addition of 30k SSB SCS for Band n38 Details R4-2009159 agreedRP-200986approved15.10.0
38.1040179215.9.0Rel-1530k SSB SCS for n50 Details R4-2009157 agreedRP-200986approved15.10.0
38.1040177115.9.0Rel-15CR to TS 38.104: Correction on the CA nominal channel spacing Details R4-2008392 agreedRP-200986approved15.10.0
38.1040175-15.9.0Rel-15CR to TS 38.104: Correction to out-of-band blocking requirements in subclause 7.5 and subclause 10.6 Details R4-2006917 agreedRP-200986approved15.10.0
38.1040163-15.9.0Rel-15CR for 38.104: Performance requirements clarification of PUSCH BS Type O-2 PT-RS configuration for MCS 2 Details R4-2006048 agreedRP-200986approved15.10.0