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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
38.141-10136-16.3.0Rel-16CR to 38.141-1 Rel-16 with correction to TPDR test procedureR4-2007473agreedRP-200986approved16.4.0
38.141-10134-16.3.0Rel-16CR to 38.141-1: Adding missing TT value for BS demod testing (C.3)R4-2007464agreedRP-200986approved16.4.0
38.141-10129116.3.0Rel-16CR for 38.141-1 Introduction of PRACH conducted conformance testing for NR HSTR4-2008830agreedRP-200975approved16.4.0
38.141-10128116.3.0Rel-16CR for TS 38.141-1: Introduction of NR PUSCH performance Annex including FRC and channel model for HSTR4-2008828agreedRP-200975approved16.4.0
38.141-10127116.3.0Rel-16CR for TS 38.141-1: Introduction of NR PUSCH performance requirements for HSTR4-2008827agreedRP-200975approved16.4.0
38.141-10126-16.3.0Rel-16CR to TS 38.141-1: Correction to out-of-band blocking requirement is subclause 7.5R4-2006920agreedRP-200986approved16.4.0
38.141-10124-16.3.0Rel-16CR 38.141-1 Rel16 corrections for random data generationR4-2006731agreedRP-200986approved16.4.0
38.141-10122116.3.0Rel-16CR for TS 38.141-1, Introduction of high speed support declaration for NR HSTR4-2008871agreedRP-200975approved16.4.0
38.141-10121116.3.0Rel-16CR for TS 38.141-1: Introduce PUSCH performance requirements at 30% throughput test pointR4-2008851agreedRP-201043approved16.4.0
38.141-10120-16.3.0Rel-16CR to TS 38.141-1: Clarifications and corrections on extreme test environmentR4-2006098agreedRP-200986approved16.4.0
38.141-10118-16.3.0Rel-16CR to TS 38.141-1: Corrections on generation of test configurationsR4-2006096agreedRP-200986approved16.4.0