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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
36.1015651-16.5.0Rel-16CR to remove TBD in in clause 6.6.3 in 36.101 Rel-16R4-2009140agreedRP-200988approved16.6.0
36.1015649-16.5.0Rel-16CR to remove TBD for A-MPR for NS_33 in 36.101 Rel-16R4-2008979agreedRP-200989approved16.6.0
36.1015646-16.5.0Rel-16Introduction of completed LTE CA for 2 bands DL with 2 bands UL into Rel-16 TS 36.101R4-2008234agreedRP-201060approved16.6.0
36.1015641-16.5.0Rel-16Introduction of completed R16 3DL band combinations to TS 36.101R4-2008167agreedRP-201060approved16.6.0
36.1015640116.5.0Rel-16Addition of UE coexistence between US bands and NR Band n77R4-2008897agreedRP-201045approved16.6.0
36.1015639-16.5.0Rel-16CR for Band 53 NS_45 requirement and OOB blockingR4-2008114agreedRP-200967approved16.6.0
36.1015638-16.5.0Rel-16CR Rel-16 for editorial corrections TS 36.101R4-2007635agreedRP-201060approved16.6.0
36.1015636-16.5.0Rel-16CR to remove TBD and braket on CAT-M2 Type A for Rel-16R4-2007591agreedRP-200988approved16.6.0
36.1015633-16.5.0Rel-16Introduction of Rel-16 LTE inter-band CA for 2 bands DL with 1 band UL combinations in TS36101R4-2007561agreedRP-201060approved16.6.0
36.1015629-16.5.0Rel-16CR: Introduction for intra-band contiguous CA performance requirements for FDD with minimum channel spacing (Rel-16)R4-2007256agreedRP-200988approved16.6.0
36.1015627-16.5.0Rel-16CR: Updates to LTE CQI test cases and (Rel-16)R4-2007254agreedRP-200991approved16.6.0
36.1015622-16.5.0Rel-16CR: Updates to FeNB-IoT UE performance requirements in 36.101 (Rel-16)R4-2007219agreedRP-200988approved16.6.0
36.1015620-16.5.0Rel-16Adding Band34 for UE category 1bis into Rel-16 TS 36.101R4-2006750agreedRP-200961approved16.6.0
36.1015619-16.5.0Rel-16Introduction of LTE-A inter-band CA for x bands (x=3,4,5) DL with 2 bands UL to TS36.101R4-2006725agreedRP-201060approved16.6.0
36.1015618-16.5.0Rel-16Mirror CR for 36.101: fix modifiedMPRbehavior for NS_31R4-2006653agreedRP-200988approved16.6.0
36.1015615-16.5.0Rel-16Corrections of CA band combo tableR4-2006600agreedRP-201060approved16.6.0
36.1015613-16.5.0Rel-16CR for TS 36.101: CR for spec corrections for MSD tableR4-2006450agreedRP-200988approved16.6.0
36.1015608-16.5.0Rel-16CR Coexistence cleanup for 36101 Rel16R4-2006341agreedRP-201060approved16.6.0