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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
38.101-30295-15.9.0Rel-15CR to remove TBD in 38.101-3R4-2008987agreedRP-200988approved15.10.0
38.101-30271215.9.0Rel-15Removal of the Annex modifiedMPR-Behaviour from the NSA specificationR4-2009292agreedRP-200985approved15.10.0
38.101-30266115.9.0Rel-15CR to TS 38.101-3: Clean up the MSD test point for ENDC(three band)R4-2008383agreedRP-200985approved15.10.0
38.101-30260-15.9.0Rel-15CR to TS 38.101-3 on REFSENS relaxation due to EN-DC (Rel-15)R4-2006911agreedRP-200985approved15.10.0
38.101-30258-15.9.0Rel-15CR to TS 38.101-3 on configured output power relaxation due to EN-DC (Rel-15)R4-2006909agreedRP-200985approved15.10.0
38.101-30250115.9.0Rel-15CR for 38.101-3: Corrections for Ppowerclass and referenced sectionsR4-2008382agreedRP-200985approved15.10.0
38.101-30244-15.9.0Rel-15MOP for interband EN-DC including both FR1 and FR2 REL15R4-2006490agreedRP-200985approved15.10.0
38.101-30242115.9.0Rel-15FR1+FR2 CA interband CA BCS support REL15R4-2008411agreedRP-200985approved15.10.0
38.101-30239-15.9.0Rel-15CR for TS 38.101-3: MSD due to UL harmonicR4-2006454agreedRP-200985approved15.10.0
38.101-30237115.9.0Rel-15CR for TS 38.101-3: Missing MSD due to cross band isolationR4-2008400agreedRP-200985approved15.10.0
38.101-30235115.9.0Rel-15CR to TS 38.101-3: editorial corrections on wide band Intermodulation for intra-band contiguous EN-DC in FR1R4-2008984agreedRP-200985approved15.10.0
38.101-30233115.9.0Rel-15CR to TS 38.101-3 R15: corrections on ACS for intra-band contiguous EN-DCR4-2008982agreedRP-200985approved15.10.0
38.101-30231115.9.0Rel-15CR Coexistence cleanup for 38101-3 Rel15R4-2008399agreedRP-200985approved15.10.0