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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
38.3060361-15.9.0Rel-15CR on introduction of BCS to asymmetric channel bandwidths (38.306) Details R2-2006274 agreedRP-201187approved15.10.0
38.3060359115.9.0Rel-15Correction on UE capability signalling for simultaneous SRS antenna and carrier switching Details R2-2006298 agreedRP-201163approved15.10.0
38.3060354-15.9.0Rel-15Clarification to maxUplinkDutyCycle-FR2 Details R2-2006163 agreedRP-201162approved15.10.0
38.3060352-15.9.0Rel-15CR on unnecessary XDD FRX differentiation Details R2-2006115 agreedRP-201161approved15.10.0
38.3060347115.9.0Rel-15UE Capability Enhancement for FR1 (TDD/FDD) / FR2 CA and DC Details R2-2006064 agreedRP-201161approved15.10.0
38.3060345215.9.0Rel-15Introduction of CGI reporting capabilities Details R2-2006383 agreedRP-201164approved15.10.0
38.3060342115.9.0Rel-15Clarification on maximum number of supported PDSCH Resource Element mapping patterns Details R2-2006152 agreedRP-201161approved15.10.0
38.3060338115.9.0Rel-15Clarification on the support of IMS voice over split bearer for NR-DC and NE-DC Details R2-2006222 agreedRP-201162approved15.10.0
38.3060332-15.9.0Rel-15on the capability of Basic CSI feedback (2-32) Details R2-2005412 agreedRP-201160approved15.10.0
38.3060325215.9.0Rel-15Correction on UE capability constraints Details R2-2006387 agreedRP-201164approved15.10.0
38.3060319115.9.0Rel-15Missing UE capability requirements Details R2-2006238 agreedRP-201163approved15.10.0
38.3060317115.9.0Rel-15Missing "Optional features without UE radio access capability parameters" Details R2-2006236 agreedRP-201162approved15.10.0
38.3060311115.9.0Rel-15Invalidating bandwidth class F for FR1 Details R2-2006253 agreedRP-201163approved15.10.0
38.3060303115.9.0Rel-15Correction on UE capabilities with xDD and FRx differentiations Details R2-2006278 agreedRP-201163approved15.10.0
38.3060300115.9.0Rel-15Clarification on L2 and RAN4 feature of NGEN-DC and NE-DC Details R2-2006206 agreedRP-201162approved15.10.0
38.3060298-15.9.0Rel-15Clarification on L1 feature of NGEN-DC and NE-DC Details R2-2004397 agreedRP-201159approved15.10.0
38.3060294115.9.0Rel-15SRS Capability report for SRS only Scell Details R2-2005409 agreedRP-201160approved15.10.0
38.3060287215.9.0Rel-15Correction to the serving cell number for ENDC power class Details R2-2006270 agreedRP-201163approved15.10.0
38.3060264115.9.0Rel-15Clarification on supported NR-DC cell grouping Details R2-2004437 agreedRP-201159approved15.10.0
38.3060262315.9.0Rel-15Corrections on the number of DRBs Details R2-2006281 agreedRP-201163approved15.10.0
38.3060176715.9.0Rel-15Default values for UE capability Details R2-2006021 agreedRP-201161approved15.10.0