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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
33.5010951-16.3.0Rel-16NF Service Producer authorization Details S3-202195 agreedSP-200773approved16.4.0
33.5010947-16.3.0Rel-16Error handling by the receiving NF Details S3-202165 agreedSP-200773approved16.4.0
33.5010944116.3.0Rel-16Clarifications to SoR integrity protection mechanism Details S3-202249 agreedSP-200773approved16.4.0
33.5010937116.3.0Rel-16Allocation of FC values for KIAB derivation function Details S3-202172 agreedSP-200707approved16.4.0
33.5010926-16.3.0Rel-16Correction of the full form of the abbreviation NRF Details S3-201915 agreedSP-200773approved16.4.0
33.5010924116.3.0Rel-16Correction to SN Addition or modification Details S3-202175 agreedSP-200773approved16.4.0
33.5010921116.3.0Rel-16Mirror:Clarification of direct NAS reroute Details S3-202207 agreedSP-200773approved16.4.0
33.5010917116.3.0Rel-16Mirror: update the N32-f context ID negotiation procedure Details S3-202222 agreedSP-200773approved16.4.0
33.5010915116.3.0Rel-16Mirror: change the long-lived TLS connection of N32-C to the short-lived Details S3-202209 agreedSP-200773approved16.4.0
33.5010913116.3.0Rel-16Corrections to clause 16 Details S3-202231 agreedSP-200716approved16.4.0
33.5010909116.3.0Rel-16Modification on AAA Server triggered Slice-Specific Authorization Revocation procedure Details S3-202245 agreedSP-200716approved16.4.0
33.5010905216.3.0Rel-16Authorization of NF service access Details S3-202259 agreedSP-200706approved16.4.0
33.5010904116.3.0Rel-16Overview clause on communication models and related security Details S3-202182 agreedSP-200706approved16.4.0
33.5010903116.3.0Rel-16Authentication and static authorization Details S3-202183 agreedSP-200706approved16.4.0
33.5010901216.3.0Rel-16N32 interface Details S3-202180 agreedSP-200773approved16.4.0
33.5010900116.3.0Rel-16Alignment and clarifications to SBA network or transport layer protocol Details S3-202181 agreedSP-200706approved16.4.0
33.5010888116.3.0Rel-16Edirorials on Service access authorization in roaming scenarios-R16 Details S3-202243 agreedSP-200773approved16.4.0
33.5010885116.3.0Rel-16CR to delete uncompressed mode text in profile B Details S3-202201 agreedSP-200773approved16.4.0
33.5010883116.3.0Rel-16CR on Kseaf text deletion Details S3-202199 agreedSP-200773approved16.4.0
33.5010882-16.3.0Rel-16Removing rel-15 text relating to N9 roaming UP Details S3-201624 agreedSP-200710approved16.4.0
33.5010880116.3.0Rel-16Static authorization details Details S3-202174 agreedSP-200706approved16.4.0
33.5010879-16.3.0Rel-16Access Token Signature using MAC with symmetric key Details S3-201610 agreedSP-200709approved16.4.0
33.5010878-16.3.0Rel-16resolution of editor's note in clause 13.5 - R16 mirror Details S3-201580 agreedSP-200709approved16.4.0
33.5010876-16.3.0Rel-16resolution of editor's note in clause - R16 mirror Details S3-201578 agreedSP-200709approved16.4.0
33.5010874116.3.0Rel-16resolution of editor's note in clause - R16 mirror Details S3-202196 agreedSP-200709approved16.4.0
33.5010872-16.3.0Rel-16resolution of editor's note in clause - R16 mirror Details S3-201574 agreedSP-200709approved16.4.0
33.5010870-16.3.0Rel-16resolution of editor's note in clause - R16 mirror Details S3-201572 agreedSP-200709approved16.4.0
33.5010868-16.3.0Rel-16resolution of editor's note in clause - R16 mirror Details S3-201570 agreedSP-200709approved16.4.0
33.5010866-16.3.0Rel-16resolution of editor's note in clause 6.9.1 - R16 mirror Details S3-201568 agreedSP-200709approved16.4.0
33.5010864-16.3.0Rel-16resolution of editor's note in clause - R16 mirror Details S3-201566 agreedSP-200709approved16.4.0
33.5010862-16.3.0Rel-16resolution of editor's note in clause - R16 mirror Details S3-201564 agreedSP-200709approved16.4.0
33.5010860-16.3.0Rel-16resolution of editor's notes in clause - R16 mirror Details S3-201562 agreedSP-200709approved16.4.0
33.5010858-16.3.0Rel-16Resolution of editor's note in clause - R16 mirror Details S3-201559 agreedSP-200709approved16.4.0
33.5010834316.3.0Rel-16Clarification to 5G AV Details S3-202253 agreedSP-200709approved16.4.0