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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
28.5520264116.6.0Rel-17Addition of SINR measurementS5-204489agreedSP-200747approved17.0.0
28.5520263116.6.0Rel-17Addition of RSRQ measurementS5-204488agreedSP-200747approved17.0.0
28.5520261116.6.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR TS 28.552 Add MCS distribution measurement of MU-MIMOS5-204487agreedSP-200747approved17.0.0
28.5520260-16.6.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR 28.552 Add UDM subscriber profile measurementsS5-204358agreedSP-200747approved17.0.0
28.5520259116.6.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR TS 28.552 Add measurements for RB distribution per layer of MU-MIMOS5-204486agreedSP-200747approved17.0.0
28.5520258116.6.0Rel-17R17 CR TS28.552 ADD EPS fallback handover time MeasurementS5-204485agreedSP-200747approved17.0.0
28.5520257116.6.0Rel-17R17 CR TS28.552 ADD EPS fallback redirection related MeasurementS5-204484agreedSP-200747approved17.0.0
28.5520256116.6.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR 28.552 Add incoming and outgoing GTP data packet loss TEIS5-204493agreedSP-200747approved17.0.0
28.5520255116.6.0Rel-17R17 CR TS28.552 ADD EPS fallback handover related MeasurementS5-204483agreedSP-200747approved17.0.0
28.5520250-16.6.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR 28.552 Add measurements on NSSAI availability serviceS5-204161agreedSP-200747approved17.0.0
28.5520249-16.6.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR 28.552 Add measurements on network slice selectionS5-204160agreedSP-200747approved17.0.0
28.5520245116.6.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR TS 28.552 Add RRC establishment failure measurementsS5-204492agreedSP-200747approved17.0.0
28.5520244116.6.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR TS 28.552 Add PLMN granularity for UE throughput measurementsS5-204491agreedSP-200747approved17.0.0
28.5520243116.6.0Rel-17Movement of “Distribution of Normally Released Call (5QI 1 QoS Flow) Duration” and “Distribution of Abnormally Released Call (5QI 1 QoS Flow) Duration” measurements to chapter