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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
38.3060408-16.1.0Rel-16NR-DC UE capabilities Details R2-2008660 agreedRP-201922approved16.2.0
38.3060407116.1.0Rel-16Miscellaneous corrections on UL Tx switching Details R2-2008670 agreedRP-201962approved16.2.0
38.3060402216.1.0Rel-16Clarification on the extended capability of NGEN-DC Details R2-2008682 agreedRP-201938approved16.2.0
38.3060393216.1.0Rel-16Correction on PRS measurement gap capability Details R2-2008688 agreedRP-201931reissued16.2.0
38.3060393216.1.0Rel-16Correction on PRS measurement gap capability Details R2-2008688 agreedRP-201989approved16.2.0
38.3060389216.1.0Rel-16Corrections on the capabilities associated with multiple bands/Cells Details R2-2008430 agreedRP-201937approved16.2.0
38.3060387116.1.0Rel-16Clarification on PDSCH rate-matching capabilities Details R2-2008432 agreedRP-201937approved16.2.0
38.3060383216.1.0Rel-16Update to IAB-MT capabilities Details R2-2008634 agreedRP-201924approved16.2.0
38.3060382116.1.0Rel-16Correction on beamSwitchTiming values of 224 and 336 Details R2-2008317 agreedRP-201932approved16.2.0
38.3060378116.1.0Rel-16Corrections on UE capability constraints Details R2-2008523 agreedRP-201938approved16.2.0
38.3060370216.1.0Rel-16Release-16 UE capabilities based on RAN1, RAN4 feature lists and RAN2 corrections Details R2-2008638 agreedRP-201932approved16.2.0