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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
29.5250136-17.0.0Rel-17Update of OpenAPI version and TS version in externalDocs field Details C3-205597 agreedCP-203153approved17.1.0
29.5250132117.0.0Rel-17Correction to URSP rules, support of 5G VN services Details C3-205414 agreedCP-203150approved17.1.0
29.5250130-17.0.0Rel-17"400 Bad Request" response on notification Details C3-205245 agreedCP-203148approved17.1.0
29.5250129217.0.0Rel-17Support of 307&404 response codes for Policy update notification Details C3-205614 agreedCP-203148approved17.1.0
29.5250128117.0.0Rel-17Adding 200OK response for UpdateNotify Details C3-205475 agreedCP-203148approved17.1.0
29.5250127117.0.0Rel-17Report current value in Update for location related triggers Details C3-205473 agreedCP-203148approved17.1.0
29.5250126117.0.0Rel-17Correction to Policy Update Notification Details C3-205456 agreedCP-203119approved17.1.0
29.5250121117.0.0Rel-17Correction to the BDT policy re-negotiation Details C3-205394 agreedCP-203129approved17.1.0
29.5250119117.0.0Rel-17Correction to PRA Details C3-205427 agreedCP-203143approved17.1.0
29.5250117117.0.0Rel-17Storage of YAML files in 3GPP Forge Details C3-205376 agreedCP-203139approved17.1.0
29.5250115117.0.0Rel-17TS 29.525 Essential Corrections and alignments Details C3-205533 agreedCP-203139approved17.1.0