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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
24.5012947217.0.0Rel-17Delete previously allowed NSSAI upon receipt of "NSSAA to be performed"  CP-203274approved17.1.0
24.5012945-17.0.0Rel-17Addition to the non 5G capable over WLAN (N5CW) device term Details C1-207699 agreedCP-203177approved17.1.0
24.5012941117.0.0Rel-17Avoid including both PAP/CHAP and EAP identifiers in PDU session establishment request Details C1-207560 agreedCP-203205approved17.1.0
24.5012940117.0.0Rel-17The selected PLMN for emergency services via trusted non-3GPP access Details C1-207626 agreedCP-203174approved17.1.0
24.5012939-17.0.0Rel-17Emergency registration not applicable for FN-RG Details C1-207458 agreedCP-203177approved17.1.0
24.5012937117.0.0Rel-17MA PDU session modification rejection during change from S1 mode to N1 mode Details C1-207625 agreedCP-203179approved17.1.0
24.5012935117.0.0Rel-17Clarification on release of MA PDU session over both accesses Details C1-207623 agreedCP-203179approved17.1.0
24.5012931117.0.0Rel-17SM/MM coordination for MAPDUs Details C1-207759 agreedCP-203179approved17.1.0
24.5012926417.0.0Rel-17Checking ACK bit of the SOR container in the DL NAS TRANSPORT  CP-203253approved17.1.0
24.5012924117.0.0Rel-17Default S-NSSAI for which NSSAA has been successful, is included in allowed NSSAI in case of no eligible requested NSSAI Details C1-207750 agreedCP-203186approved17.1.0
24.5012922-17.0.0Rel-17Collision of error handling on QoS operations Details C1-207385 agreedCP-203174approved17.1.0
24.5012921317.0.0Rel-17UE reachability after NOTIFICATION RESPONSE  CP-203268approved17.1.0
24.5012918-17.0.0Rel-17Correction on MICO indication IE Details C1-207359 agreedCP-203174approved17.1.0
24.5012917-17.0.0Rel-17Correction on handling for 5GMM #73 for DoS attack Details C1-207358 agreedCP-203174approved17.1.0
24.5012910117.0.0Rel-17No available S-NSSAIs and emergency PDU session Details C1-207696 agreedCP-203174approved17.1.0
24.5012908117.0.0Rel-17PDU session ID in CPSR message Details C1-207695 agreedCP-203174approved17.1.0
24.5012907117.0.0Rel-17S-NSSAI not available due to the failed or revoked NSSAA Details C1-207693 agreedCP-203174approved17.1.0
24.5012905117.0.0Rel-17UE behavior when the UE receives the rejected NSSAI Details C1-207612 agreedCP-203174approved17.1.0
24.5012901-17.0.0Rel-17Correction of UE handlings on 5GSM cause #50 and #51 Details C1-207305 agreedCP-203174approved17.1.0
24.5012900117.0.0Rel-17Release MA PDU session when connecting to an ATSSS unsupported AMF Details C1-207723 agreedCP-203179approved17.1.0
24.5012895117.0.0Rel-17Delay enabling N1 mode until NAS signalling connection or RR connection is released Details C1-207553 agreedCP-203174approved17.1.0
24.5012890117.0.0Rel-17Provide different UE IDs for trusted and untrusted non-3GPP access Details C1-207547 agreedCP-203174approved17.1.0
24.5012889517.0.0Rel-17N1 mode disable when neither emergency services nor emergency services fallback works  CP-203270approved17.1.0
24.5012885117.0.0Rel-17Miss local de-registration procedure before entering DEREGISTERED state Details C1-207543 agreedCP-203174approved17.1.0
24.5012884117.0.0Rel-17AN Release triggered by CAG information Update Details C1-207537 agreedCP-203218approved17.1.0
24.5012882117.0.0Rel-17Adding the abbreviations of PAP/CHAP in TS 24.501 and fixing a minor grammatical error in the NOTE on PAP/CHAP Details C1-207704 agreedCP-203205approved17.1.0
24.5012879-17.0.0Rel-17Shared 5G NAS security context Details C1-207243 agreedCP-203167approved17.1.0
24.5012877117.0.0Rel-17Protection of 5GSM message Details C1-207619 agreedCP-203174approved17.1.0
24.5012876117.0.0Rel-17Adding the definition of non-CAG cell-24501 Details C1-207636 agreedCP-203174approved17.1.0
24.5012872-17.0.0Rel-17SNPN access mode over 3GPP access when accessing PLMN services via a SNPN Details C1-207226 agreedCP-203174approved17.1.0
24.5012870117.0.0Rel-17Clarification on Selected EPS NAS security algorithms IE Details C1-207509 agreedCP-203174approved17.1.0
24.5012869117.0.0Rel-17Completion of service request procedure following CPSR for emergency fallback Details C1-207601 agreedCP-203174approved17.1.0
24.5012868-17.0.0Rel-175G-GUTI reallocation after MT service request but before connection suspend Details C1-207216 agreedCP-203166approved17.1.0
24.5012866117.0.0Rel-17NAS signalling connection release when SAR list is received Details C1-207718 agreedCP-203174approved17.1.0
24.5012863117.0.0Rel-17Handling of Emergency Service Fallback procedure in NON-ALLOWED area Details C1-207571 agreedCP-203174approved17.1.0
24.5012861117.0.0Rel-17Buffered T3512 handling in restricted area Details C1-207714 agreedCP-203174approved17.1.0
24.5012860217.0.0Rel-17DNN setting in the 5GSM sublayer Details C1-207676 agreedCP-203205approved17.1.0
24.5012859117.0.0Rel-17Correction of UE-requested PDU session modification Details C1-207577 agreedCP-203173approved17.1.0
24.5012858117.0.0Rel-17Addition of missing requirements for storing KAUSF, KSEAF, SOR counter and UE parameter update counter Details C1-207587 agreedCP-203173approved17.1.0
24.5012855-17.0.0Rel-17Clarify PDU session modification command reject due to QoS-related errors Details C1-207163 agreedCP-203173approved17.1.0
24.5012854-17.0.0Rel-17Correction to the reference to service request abnormal cases Details C1-207130 agreedCP-203173approved17.1.0
24.5012853-17.0.0Rel-17Correction to incrementing the registration attempt counter during abnormal cases for Mobility and periodic registration update for initiating an emergency PDU session Details C1-207126 agreedCP-203173approved17.1.0
24.5012851117.0.0Rel-17The handling of the CAG information list with no entry Details C1-207538 agreedCP-203173approved17.1.0
24.5012848-17.0.0Rel-17Limit the guidance only for UE not supporting ER-NSSAI Details C1-207114 agreedCP-203173approved17.1.0
24.5012847217.0.0Rel-17Add a missing case for registration reject Details C1-207708 agreedCP-203186approved17.1.0
24.5012845117.0.0Rel-17Correction on the condition of filling allowed NSSAI in registration accept message Details C1-207548 agreedCP-203173approved17.1.0
24.5012842-17.0.0Rel-17REGISTRATION ACCCEPT message Details C1-207074 agreedCP-203173approved17.1.0
24.5012841117.0.0Rel-17Correcting the SERVICE ACCEPT message into SERVICE REQUEST message Details C1-207651 agreedCP-203173approved17.1.0
24.5012839117.0.0Rel-17Default configured NSSAI storage after update by UE Parameters Update via UDM Control Plane Procedure Details C1-207664 agreedCP-203173approved17.1.0
24.5012836-17.0.0Rel-17S-NSSAI(s) contained in the pending NSSAI Details C1-207056 agreedCP-203173approved17.1.0
24.5012835-17.0.0Rel-17Condition when the UE shall include or not include the NAS message container IE Details C1-207055 agreedCP-203173approved17.1.0
24.5012834-17.0.0Rel-17Mobility and periodic registration update when the UE receives “RRC Connection failure” indication Details C1-207054 agreedCP-203173approved17.1.0
24.5012833-17.0.0Rel-17requested NSSAI is Requested NSSAI IE or Requested mapped NSSAI IE Details C1-207053 agreedCP-203173approved17.1.0
24.5012832117.0.0Rel-17Set the Follow-on request indicator to “Follow-on request pending” Details C1-207628 agreedCP-203173approved17.1.0
24.5012829117.0.0Rel-17Consistent usage of acronym UE Details C1-207616 agreedCP-203173approved17.1.0
24.5012828117.0.0Rel-17Consistency of terms “5GMM-IDLE mode over non-3GPP access” and “5GMM-CONNECTED mode over non-3GPP access” Details C1-207614 agreedCP-203173approved17.1.0
24.5012827117.0.0Rel-17Editorial corrections in 24.501 Details C1-207613 agreedCP-203173approved17.1.0
24.5012826-17.0.0Rel-17Addition of used abbreviations Details C1-207044 agreedCP-203173approved17.1.0
24.5012824117.0.0Rel-17Clarification on default configured NSSAI update will initiate a registration procedure by UE when "re-registration requested" indicated Details C1-207663 agreedCP-203172approved17.1.0
24.5012819217.0.0Rel-17MO-SMS in non-3GPP access Details C1-206732 agreedCP-203172approved17.1.0
24.5012818-17.0.0Rel-17Rapporteur cleanup of editor's notes for 5G_CIoT Details C1-206480 agreedCP-203166approved17.1.0
24.5012817217.0.0Rel-17Correction in 5GMM cause value #72 Details C1-207479 agreedCP-203218approved17.1.0
24.5012815117.0.0Rel-17Clarification on description of triggering UE to enter 5GMM-DEREGISTERED state Details C1-206557 agreedCP-203172approved17.1.0
24.5012814117.0.0Rel-17Deregistration before initial registration in SNPN selection Details C1-206556 agreedCP-203172approved17.1.0
24.5012813117.0.0Rel-17Correction to T3502 for MRU Details C1-206555 agreedCP-203172approved17.1.0
24.5012812-17.0.0Rel-17Correct UE behaviour for cause #31 in SR Details C1-206435 agreedCP-203172approved17.1.0
24.5012811217.0.0Rel-17Notification to upper layer upper layer for MMTEL video call when T3346 or T3525 running Details C1-207641 agreedCP-203215approved17.1.0
24.5012809317.0.0Rel-17UE procedures when a request for emergency services fallback not accepted Details C1-207731 agreedCP-203172approved17.1.0
24.5012807117.0.0Rel-17Avoiding repeated inter-system re-directions Details C1-206551 agreedCP-203172approved17.1.0
24.5012796217.0.0Rel-17PLMN selection condition upon reception Registration Reject with cause #62 Details C1-206758 agreedCP-203186approved17.1.0
24.5012794217.0.0Rel-17The impact on UE due to the introduction of Authentication and Key Management for Applications (AKMA) Details C1-206731 agreedCP-203178approved17.1.0
24.5012787-17.0.0Rel-17Update of the timers table for PDU session authentication command Details C1-206354 agreedCP-203172approved17.1.0
24.5012786-17.0.0Rel-17Delete EBI in the QoS flow description when the corresponding mapped EPS bearer context is deleted Details C1-206353 agreedCP-203172approved17.1.0
24.5012785117.0.0Rel-17Clarification on stopping back-off timers Details C1-206647 agreedCP-203172approved17.1.0
24.5012783217.0.0Rel-17Handing of QoS flow description errors Details C1-207725 agreedCP-203172approved17.1.0
24.5012782117.0.0Rel-17Addition of 5GSM cause #37 Details C1-206645 agreedCP-203172approved17.1.0
24.5012780417.0.0Rel-17AMF behavior in case of NSSAA failure due to temporal network failure Details C1-207734 agreedCP-203172approved17.1.0
24.5012779417.0.0Rel-17Handling of radio link failure during NSSAA procedure Details C1-207720 agreedCP-203172approved17.1.0
24.5012776-17.0.0Rel-175GMM cause value #76 mapped to a different 5GMM cause value in network-initiated de-registration procedure Details C1-206328 agreedCP-203218approved17.1.0
24.5012774317.0.0Rel-17Usage of initial CAG information list Details C1-207727 agreedCP-203172approved17.1.0
24.5012773-17.0.0Rel-17Correction in paging procedure Details C1-206310 agreedCP-203172approved17.1.0
24.5012772-17.0.0Rel-17N5CW device clean up Details C1-206309 agreedCP-203172approved17.1.0
24.5012771117.0.0Rel-17Reception of CAG information list without serving PLMN's entry in roaming Details C1-206488 agreedCP-203218approved17.1.0
24.5012765-17.0.0Rel-17Minor corrections Details C1-206276 agreedCP-203172approved17.1.0
24.5012764117.0.0Rel-17IE length style in message definition Details C1-206659 agreedCP-203172approved17.1.0
24.5012761117.0.0Rel-17NSSAA for roaming UEs Details C1-206510 agreedCP-203186approved17.1.0
24.5012759117.0.0Rel-17Absence of timer T3448 Details C1-206517 agreedCP-203171approved17.1.0
24.5012758317.0.0Rel-17Clarification on LADN Information update Details C1-206730 agreedCP-203171approved17.1.0
24.5012757117.0.0Rel-17Correction of EPS bearer context being activated Details C1-206515 agreedCP-203171approved17.1.0
24.5012754-17.0.0Rel-17Only CAG supported UE process CAG information list Details C1-206246 agreedCP-203171approved17.1.0
24.5012752-17.0.0Rel-17Correct reference of SM timer Details C1-206244 agreedCP-203171approved17.1.0
24.5012751-17.0.0Rel-17Correct location of ABO field Details C1-206243 agreedCP-203171approved17.1.0
24.5012750217.0.0Rel-17Update IEI of Port management information container Details C1-207267 agreedCP-203218approved17.1.0
24.5012748117.0.0Rel-17PDU session release in CP-SR Details C1-207268 agreedCP-203166approved17.1.0
24.5012745-17.0.0Rel-17Lack of ID for inter-system change from S1 mode to N1 mode Details C1-206236 agreedCP-203171approved17.1.0
24.5012744-17.0.0Rel-17Delete 5G NAS security context due to invalid key Details C1-206235 agreedCP-203171approved17.1.0
24.5012743317.0.0Rel-17Mobility Registration after back to coverage Details C1-207691 agreedCP-203171approved17.1.0
24.5012742117.0.0Rel-17Provision CAG information list through deregistration procedure Details C1-206512 agreedCP-203171approved17.1.0
24.5012739217.0.0Rel-17CAG information list in SR reject message Details C1-206591 agreedCP-203218approved17.1.0
24.5012735117.0.0Rel-17Correction in the AUSF operation in terms of checking the presence of the AT_RESULT_IND attribute in the EAP-response/AKA'-challenge message Details C1-206598 agreedCP-203171approved17.1.0
24.5012734-17.0.0Rel-17Paging a UE using eDRX Details C1-206220 agreedCP-203171approved17.1.0
24.5012733417.0.0Rel-17UE operation in case of routing failure Details C1-207667 agreedCP-203171approved17.1.0
24.5012731-17.0.0Rel-17Correction in the N1 mode capability handling Details C1-206215 agreedCP-203171approved17.1.0
24.5012730-17.0.0Rel-17Cell search in NG-RAN Details C1-206213 agreedCP-203171approved17.1.0
24.5012729317.0.0Rel-17Handling of pending NSSAI and allowed NSSAI during periodic registration update Details C1-206653 agreedCP-203171approved17.1.0
24.5012727117.0.0Rel-17SNPN access mode over 3GPP access when accessing SNPN services via a PLMN Details C1-206560 agreedCP-203171approved17.1.0
24.5012725117.0.0Rel-17Correction on the rejected NSSAI in the registration reject message Details C1-206518 agreedCP-203171approved17.1.0
24.5012724117.0.0Rel-17Correction on inclusion criteria for Ethernet header compression configuration IE Details C1-206630 agreedCP-203171approved17.1.0
24.5012722117.0.0Rel-17Correction on inclusion criteria for IP header compression configuration IE Details C1-206629 agreedCP-203171approved17.1.0
24.5012719-17.0.0Rel-17Clarification the condition that the Extended NSSAI IE is included in the CONFIGURATION UPDATE COMMAND message Details C1-206184 agreedCP-203170approved17.1.0
24.5012717117.0.0Rel-17Correction in allowed NSSAI and pending NSSAI handling upon receipt of rejected NSSAI Details C1-206601 agreedCP-203186approved17.1.0
24.5012712117.0.0Rel-17Improve “Emergency PDU session” definition Details C1-206563 agreedCP-203170approved17.1.0
24.5012708117.0.0Rel-17Correction to 5GMM cause #62 and allowed NSSAI Details C1-206687 agreedCP-203170approved17.1.0
24.5012707117.0.0Rel-17Correction to NAS transport procedure Details C1-206685 agreedCP-203170approved17.1.0
24.5012703117.0.0Rel-17Correct pending NSSAI handling Details C1-206683 agreedCP-203186approved17.1.0
24.5012701117.0.0Rel-17IEEE Std reference updates Details C1-206750 agreedCP-203170approved17.1.0
24.5012700117.0.0Rel-17Service request procedure and abnormal cases in the UE for CPSR and emergency fallback Details C1-206681 agreedCP-203170approved17.1.0
24.5012697-17.0.0Rel-17Set T3517 to smaller value for emergency services fallback Details C1-206109 agreedCP-203170approved17.1.0
24.5012696117.0.0Rel-17Rejected NSSAI handling for 1-to-many mapping in roaming scenario Details C1-206728 agreedCP-203170approved17.1.0
24.5012694-17.0.0Rel-17Correction on slice based congestion control Details C1-206092 agreedCP-203170approved17.1.0
24.5012692117.0.0Rel-17EN resolution on 5QI as criteria type for ODAC Details C1-206724 agreedCP-203167approved17.1.0
24.5012690117.0.0Rel-17Correction to S-NSSAI based retry restriction Details C1-206718 agreedCP-203211approved17.1.0
24.5012689117.0.0Rel-17Paging collision with 5GMM specific procedure or service request procedure Details C1-206573 agreedCP-203170approved17.1.0
24.5012688117.0.0Rel-17Timer value of active timer Details C1-206523 agreedCP-203166approved17.1.0
24.5012687217.0.0Rel-17Add some missing ESM causes on the network side Details C1-206743 agreedCP-203170approved17.1.0
24.5012683117.0.0Rel-17Update the allowed/rejected NSSAI based on the result of NSSAA over 3GPP access and N3GPP access separately Details C1-206699 agreedCP-203186approved17.1.0
24.5012681217.0.0Rel-17Excluding the S-NSSAI(s) in the pending NSSAI from the requested NSSAI Details C1-207580 agreedCP-203186approved17.1.0
24.5012679117.0.0Rel-17Update definition of Network slicing information Details C1-206463 agreedCP-203170approved17.1.0
24.5012677117.0.0Rel-17Extended rejected NSSAI storage Details C1-206485 agreedCP-203170approved17.1.0
24.5012676117.0.0Rel-17Update cases where whether ER-NSSAI IE is used Details C1-206481 agreedCP-203170approved17.1.0
24.5012675-17.0.0Rel-17Clarifications on indicating subscribed MFBR/GFBR uplink/downlink Details C1-206034 agreedCP-203170approved17.1.0
24.5012670117.0.0Rel-17Prohibit UE from setting "Follow-on request pending" in the REGISTRATION REQUEST when UE is in non-allowed area Details C1-206637 agreedCP-203170approved17.1.0
24.5012669217.0.0Rel-17Clarifications on Necessity of ATSSS Container IE Details C1-207111 agreedCP-203179approved17.1.0
24.5012667217.0.0Rel-17Clarification on 2nd Leg PDU SESSION ESTABLISHMENT ACCEPT handling for MA PDU Sessions Details C1-206692 agreedCP-203179approved17.1.0
24.5012664117.0.0Rel-17Missing Allowed PDU Session Status IE in CPSR Details C1-206511 agreedCP-203170approved17.1.0
24.5012662217.0.0Rel-17Uplink data status IE in CPSR after integrity check failure Details C1-206702 agreedCP-203170approved17.1.0
24.5012659117.0.0Rel-17Missing lower layer indications of barring and alleviation of barring Details C1-206548 agreedCP-203170approved17.1.0
24.5012657117.0.0Rel-17NAS signalling connection release upon CAG information update via UCU Details C1-206545 agreedCP-203218approved17.1.0
24.5012647117.0.0Rel-17Adding a missing "modification request" for the Request type IE during NSSAA Details C1-206472 agreedCP-203186approved17.1.0
24.5012645117.0.0Rel-175G-GUTI reallocation after resume from 5GMM-IDLE mode with suspend indication due to paging Details C1-206484 agreedCP-203166approved17.1.0
24.5012644-17.0.0Rel-17UE behavior after receiving the rejected NSSAI with rejection cause “S-NSSAI not available in the current PLMN or SNPN” Details C1-205921 agreedCP-203170approved17.1.0
24.5012643-17.0.0Rel-17Clarification on the SPRTI bit of the MICO indication IE Details C1-205920 agreedCP-203169approved17.1.0
24.5012642-17.0.0Rel-17Inclusion of requested NSSAI in the REGISTRATION REQUEST message Details C1-205919 agreedCP-203169approved17.1.0
24.5012640-17.0.0Rel-17RFCs related to DHCPv6 are obsoleted by RFC 8415 Details C1-205904 agreedCP-203169approved17.1.0
24.5012637117.0.0Rel-17Handling of QoS flow descriptions without associated QoS rules Details C1-206568 agreedCP-203169approved17.1.0
24.5012635217.0.0Rel-17QoS parameter handling for the PDU session transfer between 3GPP and non-3GPP access Details C1-207175 agreedCP-203167approved17.1.0
24.5012632117.0.0Rel-17Protection of NAS IEs Details C1-206627 agreedCP-203169approved17.1.0
24.5012631117.0.0Rel-17Phrase that the abbreviation PCO represents Details C1-206626 agreedCP-203169approved17.1.0
24.5012628117.0.0Rel-17Merge of two bullets with the same handling for different Request type IE Details C1-206600 agreedCP-203169approved17.1.0
24.5012627-17.0.0Rel-17Removal of bullet irrelevant to tracking area concept Details C1-205839 agreedCP-203169approved17.1.0
24.5012626-17.0.0Rel-17Clarification on the 5GMM procedures which can be initiated by the UE in substate 5GMM-REGISTERED.ATTEMPTING-REGISTRATION-UPDATE Details C1-205838 agreedCP-203169approved17.1.0
24.5012625-17.0.0Rel-17Editorial corrections in 24.501 Details C1-205837 agreedCP-203169approved17.1.0
24.5012624-17.0.0Rel-17Addition of used definitions and abbreviations Details C1-205836 agreedCP-203169approved17.1.0
24.5012623117.0.0Rel-17AMF behavior upon receipt of NETWORK SLICE-SPECIFIC AUTHENTICATION COMPLETE message Details C1-206597 agreedCP-203169approved17.1.0
24.5012621117.0.0Rel-17Consistency of NETWORK SLICE-SPECIFIC AUTHENTICATION COMPLETE message Details C1-206596 agreedCP-203169approved17.1.0
24.5012620117.0.0Rel-17Clarification on the S-NSSAI(s) included in the pending NSSAI Details C1-206594 agreedCP-203169approved17.1.0
24.5012619-17.0.0Rel-17Correction on UE behaviour after receiving “Network slicing subscription changed” indication Details C1-205831 agreedCP-203169approved17.1.0
24.5012618117.0.0Rel-17Clarification on the condition when registration request is rejected for no network slices available Details C1-206593 agreedCP-203169approved17.1.0
24.5012617-17.0.0Rel-17Consistency of the term on rejection cause “S-NSSAI not available due to the failed or revoked network slice-specific authentication and authorization” Details C1-205829 agreedCP-203169approved17.1.0
24.5012615117.0.0Rel-17Alignment of User Plane Integrity Protection description Details C1-206454 agreedCP-203213approved17.1.0
24.5012611117.0.0Rel-17Clarification for reflective QoS Details C1-206494 agreedCP-203169approved17.1.0
24.5012610117.0.0Rel-17Clarification for CP only PDU session Details C1-206493 agreedCP-203169approved17.1.0
24.5012524217.0.0Rel-17Clarification on HPLMN S-NSSAI Details C1-206620 agreedCP-203169approved17.1.0