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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
24.5012944-16.6.0Rel-16Addition to the non 5G capable over WLAN (N5CW) device term Details C1-207698 agreedCP-203177approved16.7.0
24.5012938-16.6.0Rel-16Emergency registration not applicable for FN-RG Details C1-207457 agreedCP-203177approved16.7.0
24.5012936116.6.0Rel-16MA PDU session modification rejection during change from S1 mode to N1 mode Details C1-207624 agreedCP-203179approved16.7.0
24.5012934116.6.0Rel-16Clarification on release of MA PDU session over both accesses Details C1-207622 agreedCP-203179approved16.7.0
24.5012930116.6.0Rel-16SM/MM coordination for MAPDUs Details C1-207758 agreedCP-203179approved16.7.0
24.5012923116.6.0Rel-16Default S-NSSAI for which NSSAA has been successful, is included in allowed NSSAI in case of no eligible requested NSSAI Details C1-207749 agreedCP-203186approved16.7.0
24.5012899116.6.0Rel-16Release MA PDU session when connecting to an ATSSS unsupported AMF Details C1-207722 agreedCP-203179approved16.7.0
24.5012883116.6.0Rel-16AN Release triggered by CAG information Update Details C1-207536 agreedCP-203218approved16.7.0
24.5012878-16.6.0Rel-16Shared 5G NAS security context Details C1-207242 agreedCP-203167approved16.7.0
24.5012857-16.6.0Rel-165G-GUTI reallocation after MT service request but before connection suspend Details C1-207172 agreedCP-203166approved16.7.0
24.5012846216.6.0Rel-16Add a missing case for registration reject Details C1-207707 agreedCP-203186approved16.7.0
24.5012816216.6.0Rel-16Correction in 5GMM cause value #72 Details C1-207478 agreedCP-203218approved16.7.0
24.5012795216.6.0Rel-16PLMN selection condition upon reception Registration Reject with cause #62 Details C1-206757 agreedCP-203186approved16.7.0
24.5012775-16.6.0Rel-165GMM cause value #76 mapped to a different 5GMM cause value in network-initiated de-registration procedure Details C1-206327 agreedCP-203218approved16.7.0
24.5012770116.6.0Rel-16Reception of CAG information list without serving PLMN's entry in roaming Details C1-206487 agreedCP-203218approved16.7.0
24.5012760116.6.0Rel-16NSSAA for roaming UEs Details C1-206509 agreedCP-203186approved16.7.0
24.5012749216.6.0Rel-16Update IEI of Port management information container Details C1-207266 agreedCP-203218approved16.7.0
24.5012747-16.6.0Rel-16PDU session release in CP-SR - R16 Details C1-206239 agreedCP-203166approved16.7.0
24.5012738216.6.0Rel-16CAG information list in SR reject message Details C1-206590 agreedCP-203218approved16.7.0
24.5012691116.6.0Rel-16EN resolution on 5QI as criteria type for ODAC Details C1-206723 agreedCP-203167approved16.7.0
24.5012682116.6.0Rel-16Update the allowed/rejected NSSAI based on the result of NSSAA over 3GPP access and N3GPP access separately Details C1-206698 agreedCP-203186approved16.7.0
24.5012680216.6.0Rel-16Excluding the S-NSSAI(s) in the pending NSSAI from the requested NSSAI Details C1-207579 agreedCP-203186approved16.7.0
24.5012678116.6.0Rel-16Correct pending NSSAI handling Details C1-206464 agreedCP-203186approved16.7.0
24.5012668316.6.0Rel-16Clarifications on Necessity of ATSSS Container IE Details C1-207110 agreedCP-203179approved16.7.0
24.5012666116.6.0Rel-16Clarification on 2nd Leg PDU SESSION ESTABLISHMENT ACCEPT handling for MA PDU Sessions Details C1-206633 agreedCP-203179approved16.7.0
24.5012665116.6.0Rel-16Timer value of active timer Details C1-206522 agreedCP-203166approved16.7.0
24.5012656116.6.0Rel-16NAS signalling connection release upon CAG information update via UCU Details C1-206544 agreedCP-203218approved16.7.0
24.5012646116.6.0Rel-16Adding a missing "modification request" for the Request type IE during NSSAA Details C1-206471 agreedCP-203186approved16.7.0
24.5012634216.6.0Rel-16QoS parameter handling for the PDU session transfer between 3GPP and non-3GPP access Details C1-207174 agreedCP-203167approved16.7.0
24.5012614116.6.0Rel-16Alignment of User Plane Integrity Protection description Details C1-206453 agreedCP-203213approved16.7.0
24.5012576216.6.0Rel-16Correction to S-NSSAI based retry restriction Details C1-206717 agreedCP-203211approved16.7.0
24.5012538216.6.0Rel-16Rapporteur's cleanup of editor's notes Details C1-206479 agreedCP-203166approved16.7.0
24.5012522216.6.0Rel-16Corrections in allowed NSSAI and pending NSSAI handling upon receipt of rejected NSSAI Details C1-206599 agreedCP-203186approved16.7.0
24.5012461216.6.0Rel-165G-GUTI reallocation after resume from 5GMM-IDLE mode with suspend indication due to paging Details C1-206483 agreedCP-203166approved16.7.0