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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
36.521-32554-16.6.0Rel-16Update of Annex E and F for NB-IOT TDD RRM test cases 4.2.35 to 4.2.38R5-205897agreedRP-202230approved16.7.0
36.521-32553-16.6.0Rel-16Update of 4.2.38 NB-IOT TDD-TDD Intra frequency cell reselection in normal coverage with WUSR5-205895agreedRP-202230approved16.7.0
36.521-32552-16.6.0Rel-16Update of 4.2.37 NB-IOT TDD-TDD Inter frequency cell reselection in enhanced coverageR5-205893agreedRP-202230approved16.7.0
36.521-32551-16.6.0Rel-16Update of 4.2.36 NB-IOT TDD-TDD Intra frequency cell reselection in enhanced coverageR5-205892agreedRP-202230approved16.7.0
36.521-32550116.6.0Rel-16Update of 4.2.35 NB-IOT TDD-TDD Intra frequency cell reselection in normal coverageR5-206756agreedRP-202230approved16.7.0
36.521-32549-16.6.0Rel-16Correction of sr-ConfigIndex for RSRP TC 9.1.53R5-205850agreedRP-202248approved16.7.0
36.521-32548-16.6.0Rel-16Correction of PDSCH parameter for event triggered reporting TC 8.1.26R5-205849agreedRP-202248approved16.7.0
36.521-32547116.6.0Rel-16Update of NB-IoT Test Cases in TDD modeR5-206755agreedRP-202230approved16.7.0
36.521-32546-16.6.0Rel-16Addition of conditions for sTTI and short processing timeR5-205768agreedRP-202228approved16.7.0
36.521-32545116.6.0Rel-16Update of UE Timing Advance Adjustment Accuracy Test for sTTIR5-206710agreedRP-202228approved16.7.0
36.521-32544-16.6.0Rel-16Update to test applicability of NB-IoT RRM testsR5-205693agreedRP-202248approved16.7.0
36.521-32542116.6.0Rel-16Adding new TC 9.2.58 6 DL RSRQ for E-UTRAN in CAR5-206899agreedRP-202227approved16.7.0
36.521-32541116.6.0Rel-16Adding new TC 9.1.71 6 DL RSRP for E-UTRAN in CAR5-206898agreedRP-202227approved16.7.0
36.521-32540-16.6.0Rel-16Introduction of LTE Bands 87 and 88 in Group of band definitionsR5-205087agreedRP-202243approved16.7.0
36.521-32539-16.6.0Rel-16Void obsolete RRM test cases - Annex ER5-205076agreedRP-202248approved16.7.0
36.521-32538116.6.0Rel-16Void obsolete RRM 4CC and 5CC test cases - Chapter 8R5-206782agreedRP-202248approved16.7.0
36.521-32537116.6.0Rel-16Void obsolete RRM CA test cases - Chapter 9R5-206781agreedRP-202248approved16.7.0
36.521-32536116.6.0Rel-16Void obsolete RRM 3CC test cases - Chapter 8R5-206780agreedRP-202248approved16.7.0