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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
38.2130178-16.3.0Rel-16CR on handling overlapping PUCCH/PUSCH transmissions with repetitions and with different priorities Details R1-2009790 agreedRP-202384approved16.4.0
38.2130177-16.3.0Rel-16Corrections for SCell dormancy indication Details R1-2009755 agreedRP-202389approved16.4.0
38.2130176-16.3.0Rel-16Alignment CR for TS 38.213 Details R1-2009742 agreedRP-202398approved16.4.0
38.2130175-16.3.0Rel-16Correction on remaining channel occupancy assumption Details R1-2009703 agreedRP-202381approved16.4.0
38.2130174-16.3.0Rel-16CR to  38.213 to correct references to 38.212 for RACH procedure Details R1-2009702 agreedRP-202381approved16.4.0
38.2130173-16.3.0Rel-16CR on CBRA based BFR Details R1-2009685 agreedRP-202385approved16.4.0
38.2130172-16.3.0Rel-16Correction on PSFCH and PSCCH mapping Details R1-2009674 agreedRP-202383approved16.4.0
38.2130171-16.3.0Rel-16Correction on periodicity of resource pool bitmap Details R1-2009641 agreedRP-202383approved16.4.0
38.2130170-16.3.0Rel-16Correction on PDCCH monitoring on cell(s) configured with Rel-15 PDCCH monitoring capability Details R1-2009639 agreedRP-202384approved16.4.0
38.2130169-16.3.0Rel-16Correction on UL grant Type 2 PUSCH release for search space sharing Details R1-2009637 agreedRP-202384approved16.4.0
38.2130168-16.3.0Rel-16Correction on Type2 HARQ-ACK codebook construction Details R1-2009636 agreedRP-202384approved16.4.0
38.2130167-16.3.0Rel-1638.213 CR Correction on HARQ-ACK codebook for secondary PUCCH group Details R1-2009633 agreedRP-202389approved16.4.0
38.2130166-16.3.0Rel-1638.213 CR for NR-DC power control Details R1-2009632 agreedRP-202389approved16.4.0
38.2130165-16.3.0Rel-16CR to 38.213 on NR-U 2-step RACH PO configuration Details R1-2009628 agreedRP-202381approved16.4.0
38.2130163-16.3.0Rel-16Correction of NRU HARQ procedure in the presence of SPS PDSCH Details R1-2009611 agreedRP-202381approved16.4.0
38.2130161-16.3.0Rel-16Correction on uplink Tx switching Details R1-2009587 agreedRP-202395approved16.4.0
38.2130160-16.3.0Rel-16Introduction of the preparation time for SL retransmissions in Mode 1 Details R1-2009578 agreedRP-202383approved16.4.0
38.2130159-16.3.0Rel-16Miscellaneous corrections on NR unlicensed configured grant Details R1-2009550 agreedRP-202381approved16.4.0
38.2130158-16.3.0Rel-16Correction on HARQ-ACK generation for DL transmission with single TB when multi-TB is configured Details R1-2009537 agreedRP-202379approved16.4.0
38.2130156116.3.0Rel-16Correction on sidelink TDD configuration for OoC Ues Details R1-2009769 agreedRP-202383approved16.4.0
38.2130155-16.3.0Rel-16Correction on sidelink pathloss calculation for S-SSB power control Details R1-2009520 agreedRP-202383approved16.4.0
38.2130154-16.3.0Rel-16Corrections related to the sidelink slot index Details R1-2009517 agreedRP-202383approved16.4.0
38.2130153-16.3.0Rel-16Corrections for the prioritization between uplink transmission and sidelink transmission/reception Details R1-2009516 agreedRP-202383approved16.4.0
38.2130152-16.3.0Rel-16Corrections on the use of TDRA and FDRA fields SCI for Mode 1 Details R1-2009497 agreedRP-202383approved16.4.0
38.2130151116.3.0Rel-16Correction on intra-frequency DAPS handover Details R1-2009527 agreedRP-202388approved16.4.0
38.2130150116.3.0Rel-16Correction on PUSCH processing capability for DAPS handover Details R1-2009526 agreedRP-202388approved16.4.0
38.2130149116.3.0Rel-16Correction on uplink transmission cancellation for DAPS handover Details R1-2009525 agreedRP-202388approved16.4.0
38.2130148-16.3.0Rel-16Correction on UL power control Details R1-2009458 agreedRP-202385approved16.4.0
38.2130147-16.3.0Rel-16CR on 2-step RACH for 38.213 Details R1-2009446 agreedRP-202380approved16.4.0
38.2130146-16.3.0Rel-16Clarify DCI Format 2_5 search space sets Details R1-2009432 agreedRP-202382approved16.4.0
38.2130145-16.3.0Rel-16Corrections related to sidelink physical layer procedures Details R1-2009402 agreedRP-202383approved16.4.0
38.2130144-16.3.0Rel-16CR on HARQ-ACK Determination for SPS Release Details R1-2009383 agreedRP-202379approved16.4.0