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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
38.101-10586-16.5.0Rel-17CR to reflect the completed NR inter band CA DC combinations for 3 bands DL with 2 bands UL into TS 38.101-1R4-2017807agreedRP-202469approved17.0.0
38.101-10585-16.5.0Rel-17CR to reflect the completed NR inter band CA DC combinations for 2 bands DL with up to 2 bands UL into TS 38.101-1R4-2017805agreedRP-202467approved17.0.0
38.101-10549-16.5.0Rel-17CR introduction completed band combinations NR Inter-band 4 bands CA -R4-2015922agreedRP-202470approved17.0.0
38.101-10548-16.5.0Rel-17CR introduction completed band combinations Rel-17 NR Intra-band -R4-2015919agreedRP-202466approved17.0.0
38.101-10546116.5.0Rel-17Big CR to 38.101-1 - Additional Channel BWR4-2016860agreedRP-202453approved17.0.0
38.101-10545-16.5.0Rel-17CR to 38.101-1 Introduce band combination requirements for PC2 CA_n1A-n78AR4-2015889agreedRP-202455approved17.0.0
38.101-10543116.5.0Rel-17CR to TS 38.101-1: introduction of NR band n13R4-2016878agreedRP-202448approved17.0.0
38.101-10514-16.5.0Rel-17CR on Introduction of completed SUL band combinations into TS 38.101-1R4-2014802agreedRP-202472approved17.0.0
38.101-10513-16.5.0Rel-17CR on introduction of completed NR CA/DC combs with 4DL/2UL within FR1R4-2014754agreedRP-202471approved17.0.0
38.101-10504-16.5.0Rel-17CR on Introducing NR inter-band CA for 3DL Bands and 1UL band for 38.101-1R4-2014462agreedRP-202468approved17.0.0
38.101-10503116.5.0Rel-17CR for TS 38.101-1, Introduce new band combination of V2X_n39A-n47A and V2X_n40A-n47AR4-2016872agreedRP-202450approved17.0.0
38.101-10500-16.5.0Rel-17introduction of 2300-2400MHz SUL band into Rel-17 TS 38.101-1R4-2014341agreedRP-202452approved17.0.0
38.101-10499-16.5.0Rel-17Introduction of 1880-1920MHz SUL band into Rel-17 TS 38.101-1R4-2014330agreedRP-202451approved17.0.0
38.101-10408316.5.0Rel-17LTE/NR spectrum sharing in Band 40/n40R4-2016942agreedRP-202456approved17.0.0