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24.5013097-17.1.0Rel-17T3245 of a UE operating in SNPN access operation mode Details C1-211204 agreedCP-210114approved17.2.0
24.5013093117.1.0Rel-17Correction on service area list IEs Details C1-211473 agreedCP-210120approved17.2.0
24.5013091117.1.0Rel-17The UE behavior when the UE receives the allowed NSSAI Details C1-211244 agreedCP-210120approved17.2.0
24.5013090-17.1.0Rel-17"No suitable cells in tracking area" not applicable to non-3GPP access Details C1-211109 agreedCP-210120approved17.2.0
24.5013089117.1.0Rel-17Default configured NSSAI for PLMN Details C1-211348 agreedCP-210120approved17.2.0
24.5013088-17.1.0Rel-17Clarification on NAS security context alignment on 3GPP access and non-3GPP access Details C1-211107 agreedCP-210120approved17.2.0
24.5013087-17.1.0Rel-17Incorrect reference for NAS security algorithms Details C1-211106 agreedCP-210120approved17.2.0
24.5013082317.1.0Rel-17Clarification on SNPN UE policy management procedure abnormal handling Details C1-211372 agreedCP-210120approved17.2.0
24.5013080217.1.0Rel-17Clarifications on PLMN and SNPN URSP storage - 24.501 part Details C1-211353 agreedCP-210120approved17.2.0
24.5013076117.1.0Rel-17Prevention of loop scenario for 5GMM #62 Details C1-211475 agreedCP-210120approved17.2.0
24.5013073-17.1.0Rel-17Rejected NSSAI in registration accept for NSSAA Details C1-211006 agreedCP-210120approved17.2.0
24.5013071-17.1.0Rel-17Correction on UE retry restriction for 5GSM cause #68 Details C1-211002 agreedCP-210120approved17.2.0
24.5013070117.1.0Rel-17Correction on UE retry restriction for 5GSM causes #50/#51/#57/#58/#61 Details C1-211443 agreedCP-210120approved17.2.0
24.5013069-17.1.0Rel-17Syntactical errors on lack of mandatory parameters Details C1-211000 agreedCP-210120approved17.2.0
24.5013068-17.1.0Rel-17Semantic errors in QoS operations on EPS bearers vs. QoS rules Details C1-210999 agreedCP-210120approved17.2.0
24.5013067117.1.0Rel-17Correction on semantic errors in QoS operations Details C1-211442 agreedCP-210120approved17.2.0
24.5013066117.1.0Rel-17Consistent ngKSI IE name Details C1-211438 agreedCP-210120approved17.2.0
24.5013063117.1.0Rel-17Local IP address in TFT negotiation in 5GS for 5G-4G interworking Details C1-211435 agreedCP-210107approved17.2.0
24.5013059117.1.0Rel-175GSM cause handling in UE-requsted PDU session modification procedure Details C1-211266 agreedCP-210120approved17.2.0
24.5013058117.1.0Rel-17Initiate SMC to provide Selected EPS NAS security algorithms Details C1-211265 agreedCP-210120approved17.2.0
24.5013057-17.1.0Rel-17Clarification on NSSAI inclusion mode Details C1-210977 agreedCP-210120approved17.2.0
24.5013056-17.1.0Rel-17Disable N1 mode after change to S1 mode for emergency services Details C1-210976 agreedCP-210119approved17.2.0
24.5013055117.1.0Rel-17Deregister from emergency registered state as indicated Details C1-211263 agreedCP-210119approved17.2.0
24.5013054-17.1.0Rel-17UE behaviour when rejected with #76 via a non-CAG cell Details C1-210974 agreedCP-210119approved17.2.0
24.5013053-17.1.0Rel-17PLMN Search at Registered State Details C1-210970 agreedCP-210119approved17.2.0
24.5013052-17.1.0Rel-17Unify terminology about the Authorized QoS rules IE Details C1-210969 agreedCP-210119approved17.2.0
24.5013049117.1.0Rel-17Handling of Rejected NSSAI in registration reject message without integrity protection Details C1-211467 agreedCP-210119approved17.2.0
24.5013048317.1.0Rel-17Error check and handling for match-all packet filter Details C1-211337 agreedCP-210119approved17.2.0
24.5013046-17.1.0Rel-17Correct the length of IE Details C1-210960 agreedCP-210133approved17.2.0
24.5013045117.1.0Rel-17Correct a copy error Details C1-211261 agreedCP-210119approved17.2.0
24.5013044117.1.0Rel-17Clarification on the handling of QoS flow description without associated QoS rule Details C1-211260 agreedCP-210119approved17.2.0
24.5013043217.1.0Rel-17Clarification on EPS bearer identity handling Details C1-211334 agreedCP-210119approved17.2.0
24.5013042-17.1.0Rel-17Clarification on CAG-only UE behaviour for emergency PDU session Details C1-210956 agreedCP-210119approved17.2.0
24.5013041117.1.0Rel-17AN Release triggered by CAG information list in Registration Accept message Details C1-211256 agreedCP-210119approved17.2.0
24.5013038-17.1.0Rel-17Mapped dedicated EPS bearer without default EPS bearer in the establishment procedure Details C1-210934 agreedCP-210119approved17.2.0
24.5013037117.1.0Rel-17Handling for collision of PDU session handover procedures Details C1-211454 agreedCP-210119approved17.2.0
24.5013036117.1.0Rel-17Correction to the QoS operation error handlings in PDU session establishment procedure Details C1-211275 agreedCP-210119approved17.2.0
24.5013035117.1.0Rel-175GSM back-off mechanisms in PDU session release procedure for SNPN Details C1-211274 agreedCP-210114approved17.2.0
24.5013033-17.1.0Rel-17Corrections to congestion control procedure Details C1-210927 agreedCP-210107approved17.2.0
24.5013030117.1.0Rel-17S-NSSAI association for non-congestion control Details C1-211452 agreedCP-210119approved17.2.0
24.5013029-17.1.0Rel-17Alignment of protection of NAS IEs Details C1-210917 agreedCP-210119approved17.2.0
24.5013028-17.1.0Rel-17Inclusive language review Details C1-210913 agreedCP-210135approved17.2.0
24.5013027-17.1.0Rel-17T3575 Details C1-210910 agreedCP-210106approved17.2.0
24.5013025217.1.0Rel-17Exception data in restricted service area for a UE in connected mode Details C1-211240 agreedCP-210119approved17.2.0
24.5013024117.1.0Rel-17T3540 Details C1-211207 agreedCP-210119approved17.2.0
24.5013022-17.1.0Rel-17Remove the error case for mandatory IE of PDU SESSION MODIFICATION COMMAND message Details C1-210857 agreedCP-210119approved17.2.0
24.5013020-17.1.0Rel-17Cleanup of “NSSAA to be performed set to 1” Details C1-210854 agreedCP-210118approved17.2.0
24.5013019-17.1.0Rel-17Delete previously allowed NSSAI upon receipt of "NSSAA to be performed" during initial registration Details C1-210852 agreedCP-210118approved17.2.0
24.5013016117.1.0Rel-17Clarification of maintaining 5G-GUTI in an abnormal case Details C1-211462 agreedCP-210118approved17.2.0
24.5013014-17.1.0Rel-17Add the native security context after changing to N1 mode in connected mode Details C1-210844 agreedCP-210118approved17.2.0
24.5013013-17.1.0Rel-17Missing pending NSSAI and rejected NSSAI(s) for the failed or revoked NSSAA for no duplicated PLMN identities or SNPN identities Details C1-210840 agreedCP-210118approved17.2.0
24.5013012-17.1.0Rel-17Deletion of the duplicated content about new allowed NSSAI storage Details C1-210839 agreedCP-210118approved17.2.0
24.5013011317.1.0Rel-17Complement when and how the configured NSSAI, rejected NSSAI and pending NSSAI may be changed Details C1-211511 agreedCP-210118approved17.2.0
24.5013010-17.1.0Rel-17Fix several typos Details C1-210831 agreedCP-210118approved17.2.0
24.5013009117.1.0Rel-17Correction of storage of operator-defined access categories Details C1-211364 agreedCP-210118approved17.2.0
24.5013008117.1.0Rel-17Editorial corrections on the first letter to be lowercase or uppercase Details C1-211362 agreedCP-210118approved17.2.0
24.5013007117.1.0Rel-17Inclusion of Extended rejected NSSAI IE Details C1-211361 agreedCP-210118approved17.2.0
24.5013006-17.1.0Rel-17Consistency of the term on rejection cause “S-NSSAI not available due to the failed or revoked network slice-specific authentication and authorization” Details C1-210827 agreedCP-210118approved17.2.0
24.5013005-17.1.0Rel-17UE behavior when received cause #62 in the REGISTRATION REJECT message Details C1-210826 agreedCP-210118approved17.2.0
24.5013004-17.1.0Rel-17Corrections for 5GS network feature support IE Details C1-210825 agreedCP-210118approved17.2.0
24.5013002117.1.0Rel-17Clarifications to the handling of the stored pending NSSAI Details C1-211309 agreedCP-210118approved17.2.0
24.5012998117.1.0Rel-17State transition from 5GMM-CONNECTED mode with RRC inactive indication to LIMITED-SERVICE Details C1-211287 agreedCP-210118approved17.2.0
24.5012997217.1.0Rel-17Timer related actions upon reception of AUTHENTICATION REJECT Details C1-211286 agreedCP-210118approved17.2.0
24.5012996117.1.0Rel-17Actions on T3247 expiry for other supported RATs Details C1-211431 agreedCP-210133approved17.2.0
24.5012995-17.1.0Rel-17Correction of Notification procedure Details C1-210783 agreedCP-210118approved17.2.0
24.5012993117.1.0Rel-17Correct description of #54 by taking into account its applicability in interworking scenarios Details C1-211200 agreedCP-210118approved17.2.0
24.5012989-17.1.0Rel-17Fix location of 5GSM congestion re-attempt indicator IE in PDU session establishment reject message and PDU session modification reject message Details C1-210742 agreedCP-210107approved17.2.0
24.5012986117.1.0Rel-17Clarify 5GSM non-congestion back-off timer handling for re-registration required Details C1-211222 agreedCP-210118approved17.2.0
24.5012985-17.1.0Rel-17Clarify association of back-off timer for 5GSM cause #27 Details C1-210720 agreedCP-210117approved17.2.0
24.5012984117.1.0Rel-17Clarify UE handling of receiving DL NAS TRANSPORT message with 5GMM cause #28 Details C1-211220 agreedCP-210117approved17.2.0
24.5012983-17.1.0Rel-17UE-requested PDU session release with 5GSM cause #26 Details C1-210717 agreedCP-210117approved17.2.0
24.5012982317.1.0Rel-17Update of CPSR procedure for low power event reporting  CP-210169approved17.2.0
24.5012980117.1.0Rel-17Re-initiation of NSSAA when S-NSSAI rejected for the failed or revoked NSSAA Details C1-211302 agreedCP-210117approved17.2.0
24.5012979-17.1.0Rel-17Reference to UCU procedure is missing for a 5G-GUTI reallocation variant Details C1-210710 agreedCP-210117approved17.2.0
24.5012978117.1.0Rel-17PEI for UE not supporting any 3GPP access technologies Details C1-211301 agreedCP-210117approved17.2.0
24.5012976117.1.0Rel-17Correction for NB-N1 mode and maximum number of PDU sessions with active user plane resources Details C1-211300 agreedCP-210117approved17.2.0
24.5012974-17.1.0Rel-17The handling of the CAG information list with no entry Details C1-210700 agreedCP-210117approved17.2.0
24.5012973217.1.0Rel-17NB-N1 mode and max number of user planes resources established for MT case Details C1-211506 agreedCP-210117approved17.2.0
24.5012972117.1.0Rel-17Fixing mis-implementation of CR2140 Details C1-211194 agreedCP-210107approved17.2.0
24.5012970317.1.0Rel-17SOR transparent container coding  CP-210249approved17.2.0
24.5012969117.1.0Rel-17PDU SESSION ESTABLISHMENT message Details C1-211316 agreedCP-210117approved17.2.0
24.5012968217.1.0Rel-17Handling of Kausf and Kseaf created before EAP-success  CP-210095approved17.2.0
24.5012967-17.1.0Rel-17Abnormal cases in the UE for PDU EAP result message transport procedure Details C1-210667 agreedCP-210117approved17.2.0
24.5012965117.1.0Rel-17NAS signalling connection release triggered by CAG information list without entry of current PLMN Details C1-211314 agreedCP-210117approved17.2.0
24.5012964117.1.0Rel-17Correction for SNPN access mode in non-3GPP access Details C1-211312 agreedCP-210114approved17.2.0
24.5012962-17.1.0Rel-17Minor corrections Details C1-210641 agreedCP-210117approved17.2.0
24.5012960-17.1.0Rel-17Correction of handling of CAG information from a "PLMN equivalent to the HPLMN" Details C1-210614 agreedCP-210114approved17.2.0
24.5012958117.1.0Rel-17Correction of Requested NSSAI handling Details C1-211297 agreedCP-210117approved17.2.0
24.5012956117.1.0Rel-17Suspension of 5GSM messages during SOR Details C1-211224 agreedCP-210117approved17.2.0
24.5012954217.1.0Rel-17UE handling in case of no KAUSF available for AKMA Details C1-211439 agreedCP-210121approved17.2.0
24.5012953117.1.0Rel-17Collision of AKMA and NAS AKA procedure handling Details C1-210362 agreedCP-210121approved17.2.0
24.5012952317.1.0Rel-17Obtaining KAKMA and A-KID from NAS Details C1-211440 agreedCP-210121approved17.2.0
24.5012949117.1.0Rel-17Clarification on AKMA Details C1-210303 agreedCP-210121approved17.2.0
24.5012948317.1.0Rel-17Kausf change Details C1-211322 agreedCP-210121approved17.2.0
24.5012898717.1.0Rel-17Additional condition to Stop 3540 Details C1-211333 agreedCP-210117approved17.2.0
24.5012865317.1.0Rel-17Conflict of sub-state NON-ALLOWED-SERVICE with other 5GMM-REGISTERED sub-states Details C1-211235 agreedCP-210117approved17.2.0
24.5012864417.1.0Rel-17Local release of PDU session due to Service Area Restriction Details C1-211495 agreedCP-210117approved17.2.0
24.5012705517.1.0Rel-17PDU session establishment request attempt during ongoing re-NSSAA procedure Details C1-211303 agreedCP-210117approved17.2.0
24.5012549217.1.0Rel-17UE behaviour in case of no allowed NSSAI is available Details C1-211285 agreedCP-210117approved17.2.0