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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
36.521-20957116.7.0Rel-16Introduction of CA Idle Mode Measurement RRM Testcase ApplicabilitiesR5-211757agreedRP-210139approved16.8.0
36.521-20956116.7.0Rel-16Correction of Table A.4.3-3dR5-211846agreedRP-210166approved16.8.0
36.521-20955116.7.0Rel-16Correction of Table 4.1-1R5-211803agreedRP-210142approved16.8.0
36.521-20954-16.7.0Rel-16Addition of Note 7 in the Additional Information column of RF conformance test cases with 2Rx and 4Rx Branch in secton 8 and section 9R5-210990agreedRP-210166approved16.8.0
36.521-20953116.7.0Rel-16Correct of test applicability for TC with and without UL CAR5-211845agreedRP-210166approved16.8.0
36.521-20952-16.7.0Rel-16Addition of applicability for NB-IoT RRM TDD Test CasesR5-210889agreedRP-210141approved16.8.0
36.521-20950-16.7.0Rel-16Correction to Additional Information of and in Table 4.1-1R5-210598agreedRP-210166approved16.8.0
36.521-20949-16.7.0Rel-16Addition of the Additional Information for some RF test cases in 9.6.1R5-210482agreedRP-210166approved16.8.0
36.521-20948116.7.0Rel-16Correction of applicability definition for 2Rx related test cases to exclude category 1bis UEs equipped with single Rx antennaR5-211844agreedRP-210166approved16.8.0
36.521-20947116.7.0Rel-16Update to applicability TDD FDD 7DL CA Peformance test casesR5-211752agreedRP-210137approved16.8.0