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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
33.5011079-17.0.0Rel-17Mirror_Clarification on security protection in AMF reallocation Details S3-210799 agreedSP-210109approved17.1.0
33.5011078-17.0.0Rel-175G CIoT K_NG-RAN derivation Details S3-210790 agreedSP-210115approved17.1.0
33.5011077-17.0.0Rel-175G GUTI re-allocation Details S3-210789 agreedSP-210115approved17.1.0
33.5011076-17.0.0Rel-17Correct current uplink EPS NAS COUNT used at derivation of a mapped 5G security context Details S3-210788 agreedSP-210109approved17.1.0
33.5011075-17.0.0Rel-17Correct NAS uplink COUNT for KgNB/KeNB derivation Details S3-210786 agreedSP-210109approved17.1.0
33.5011074-17.0.0Rel-17Correcting notation used for inter-AMF mobility key derivation Details S3-210785 agreedSP-210109approved17.1.0
33.5011073-17.0.0Rel-17Extend UPIP support in 5GS for all 5GC connected RAN architecture (NG-RAN) options Details S3-210703 agreedSP-210116approved17.1.0
33.5011055-17.0.0Rel-17Corrections for the NRF token request service Details S3-210412 agreedSP-210111approved17.1.0
33.5011051117.0.0Rel-17Mirror Adding the security requirement with encBlockIndex in Rel17 Details S3-210752 agreedSP-210109approved17.1.0
33.5011048117.0.0Rel-17Mirror: align the JSON format on encryption IE with CT4 in Rel17 Details S3-210750 agreedSP-210113approved17.1.0
33.5011044-17.0.0Rel-17Authentication method selection for N5CW Details S3-210345 agreedSP-210114approved17.1.0
33.5011037217.0.0Rel-17Correction to service request process in OAuth 2.0 based authorization rel17 Details S3-210797 agreedSP-210111approved17.1.0
33.5011035117.0.0Rel-17Correction to the access token storage in NF service consumer Details S3-210736 agreedSP-210109approved17.1.0
33.5011023117.0.0Rel-17Access Token Misuse Prevention Details S3-210728 agreedSP-210111approved17.1.0
33.5011022117.0.0Rel-17NF Service Consumer and Producer in Service Request Process Details S3-210726 agreedSP-210111approved17.1.0
33.5011019117.0.0Rel-17Resolving editor's note on encryption policy mismatch between SEPPs Details S3-210724 agreedSP-210113approved17.1.0