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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
28.5520298-17.1.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR 28.552 Message names correctionS5-212293agreedSP-210150approved17.2.0
28.5520296117.1.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR 28.552 Add Filter and Filter naming descriptionS5-212401agreedSP-210141approved17.2.0
28.5520295-17.1.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR TS 28.552 Add PLMN granularity for packet delay measurements in split gNB scenarioS5-212156agreedSP-210141approved17.2.0
28.5520294117.1.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR TS 28.552 Add PLMN granularity for RRC connection number measurementsS5-212400agreedSP-210141approved17.2.0
28.5520293-17.1.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR 28.552 Update measurements to consider abnormal releases in RRC connected stateS5-212071agreedSP-210150approved17.2.0
28.5520291117.1.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR 28.552 Add measurements to cover all accessibility typesS5-212367agreedSP-210156approved17.2.0
28.5520290-17.1.0Rel-17CR Rel-17 28.552 Add measurements related to background data transfer policy control for PCFS5-212058agreedSP-210156approved17.2.0
28.5520289117.1.0Rel-17CR Rel-17 28.552 Add measurements related data management for UDRS5-212366agreedSP-210156approved17.2.0
28.5520288117.1.0Rel-17CR Rel-17 28.552 CR for WI ePM_KPI_5G converted from draftCR S5-211355S5-212365agreedSP-210156approved17.2.0
28.5520286117.1.0Rel-17Add PLMN granularity for Radio resource utilization measurementsS5-211501agreedSP-210141approved17.2.0
28.5520285117.1.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR TS 28.552 Add PLMN granularity for packet delay measurementsS5-211490agreedSP-210141approved17.2.0
28.5520284117.1.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR TS 28.552 Add PLMN granularity for number of active UEs measurementsS5-211489agreedSP-210141approved17.2.0
28.5520283-17.1.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR TS 28.552 Addition of Registration measurements for SMSFS5-211050agreedSP-210156approved17.2.0
28.5520282-17.1.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR TS 28.552 Addition of SMS message delivery related measurements for SMSFS5-211049agreedSP-210156approved17.2.0