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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
28.5410473-16.7.0Rel-16Fix of compilation and other errorsS5-212321agreedSP-210146approved16.8.0
28.5410471-16.7.0Rel-16YANG update to follow stage 2 definitions and correct earlier YANG compilation errors.S5-212322agreedSP-210153approved16.8.0
28.5410466116.7.0Rel-16Rel-16 CR 28.541 Correction to NSI and NSSI state managementS5-212349agreedSP-210154approved16.8.0
28.5410460116.7.0Rel-16Update of the PCI and DESManagementFunctionS5-212339agreedSP-210143approved16.8.0
28.5410444216.7.0Rel-16Rel-16 fix containment relationship for EP_Transport IOCS5-212315agreedSP-210146approved16.8.0
28.5410441216.7.0Rel-16Rel-16 CR TS 28.541 Correct multiplicity issue for several attributes of NR NRMS5-212343agreedSP-210153approved16.8.0
28.5410439-16.7.0Rel-16Rel-16 CR TS 28.541 Add missing inheritance description information in the attribute definition for several IOCsS5-211216agreedSP-210153approved16.8.0
28.5410434316.7.0Rel-16Rel-16 CR TS 28.541 Correct the NF name in definition of EP_NgUS5-212345agreedSP-210154approved16.8.0
28.5410431116.7.0Rel-16Rel-16 CR 28.541 Correction on Dynamic5QISet IOC based on LS reply from SA2S5-211481agreedSP-210153approved16.8.0
28.5410429416.7.0Rel-16Rel-16 CR 28.541 Correction of ServiceProfile attributesS5-212351agreedSP-210153approved16.8.0