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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.5022868116.8.0Rel-16Handling of UTRAN UE radio capabilities Details S2-2104839 agreedSP-210328approved16.9.0
23.5022853116.8.0Rel-16Handover of a PDU Session procedure between 3GPP and trusted non-3GPP access in deployments topologies with specific SMF Service Areas Details S2-2104819 agreedSP-210331approved16.9.0
23.5022842116.8.0Rel-16NIDD configuration correction Details S2-2104824 agreedSP-210327approved16.9.0
23.5022825-16.8.0Rel-16Add NG-RAN N3 Tunnel information in SM context Details S2-2104472 agreedSP-210334approved16.9.0
23.5022810116.8.0Rel-16Simultaneous change of ULCL/BP and PSA Details S2-2104843 agreedSP-210334approved16.9.0
23.5022792116.8.0Rel-16Clarify the BDT warning procedure with degraded Network performance Details S2-2104828 agreedSP-210333approved16.9.0
23.5022791-16.8.0Rel-16Correction of reference for TSN AF parameters Details S2-2104230 agreedSP-210336approved16.9.0
23.5022786116.8.0Rel-16Registration with AMF relocation considering CAG Details S2-2105006 agreedSP-210336approved16.9.0
23.5022768116.8.0Rel-16CHF discovery via NRF Details S2-2104814 agreedSP-210330approved16.9.0
23.5022766-16.8.0Rel-16N9 forwarding tunnel between source and target ULCL Details S2-2104087 agreedSP-210329approved16.9.0
23.5022763116.8.0Rel-16Removal of Notification Control from the Additional QoS Information Details S2-2104816 agreedSP-210331approved16.9.0
23.5022744116.8.0Rel-16Group event clarification and event transfer between AMFs Details S2-2104996 agreedSP-210326approved16.9.0
23.5022721116.8.0Rel-16New service operation of Namf_Communication_CancelRelocateUEContext Details S2-2103214 agreedSP-210334approved16.9.0
23.5022643216.8.0Rel-16Support of AF change Details S2-2104714 agreedSP-210329approved16.9.0
23.5022617-16.8.0Rel-16Delete NSI ID via N7 interface Details S2-2102222 agreedSP-210324approved16.9.0
23.5022465416.8.0Rel-16Solving interworking to 5GS with N26 issue due to UE's N1 mode capability disabling/enabling Details S2-2105004 agreedSP-210343approved16.9.0