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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
33.5011143-17.1.0Rel-17Claifications on mapped security Details S3-212338 agreedSP-210449approved17.2.0
33.5011142-17.1.0Rel-17Slice privacy protection in NSSAA related procedures (Rel-17) Details S3-212281 agreedSP-210441approved17.2.0
33.5011141-17.1.0Rel-17NEF-AF aspects Details S3-212266 agreedSP-210439approved17.2.0
33.5011140-17.1.0Rel-17PTP aspects Details S3-212265 agreedSP-210439approved17.2.0
33.5011138117.1.0Rel-17Rel17-Handling of Kausf upon successful primary authentication Details S3-212290 agreedSP-210449approved17.2.0
33.5011135117.1.0Rel-17Removal of ENs for draft-ietf-emu-rfc5448bis- Rel-17 Details S3-212346 agreedSP-210434approved17.2.0
33.5011130117.1.0Rel-17Deployment models R17 Details S3-212286 agreedSP-210433approved17.2.0
33.5011128117.1.0Rel-17N32-c and N32-f clarification R17 Details S3-212284 agreedSP-210433approved17.2.0
33.5011123-17.1.0Rel-17Editor's note of the security of 5GLAN services removal in R17 Details S3-211887 agreedSP-210451approved17.2.0
33.5011120117.1.0Rel-17Clarification to SoR transparent container Details S3-212339 agreedSP-210450approved17.2.0
33.5011114-17.1.0Rel-17Clarifying the support for authentication methods in an SNPN Details S3-211819 agreedSP-210451approved17.2.0
33.5011112-17.1.0Rel-17Downlink NAS COUNT handling after creating NAS container in EPS to 5GS Handover Details S3-211797 agreedSP-210434approved17.2.0
33.5011109-17.1.0Rel-17Correction to JOSE profile Reference Details S3-211764 agreedSP-210433approved17.2.0
33.5011107117.1.0Rel-17Clarify the usage of TLS and PRINS between SEPPs Details S3-212369 agreedSP-210434approved17.2.0
33.5011094-17.1.0Rel-17Mirror- Addressing impersonate attack from AAA-S Details S3-211686 agreedSP-210441approved17.2.0
33.5011091117.1.0Rel-17Change the procedure of network slice re-authentication and revocation by AAA-S Details S3-212312 agreedSP-210441approved17.2.0
33.5011090117.1.0Rel-17Assign FC Value for KTIPSec and KTNAP Derivation in R17 Details S3-212310 agreedSP-210435approved17.2.0
33.5011081117.1.0Rel-17CR to 33.501 R17 - Clarification on the number of PLMN IDuse by SEPP over N32 Details S3-212288 agreedSP-210433approved17.2.0