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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
38.141-20362-17.1.0Rel-17CR for 38.141-2: Add AWGN Offset notes to FR1 and FR2 demod noise levels Details R4-2108749 agreedRP-211083approved17.2.0
38.141-20359-17.1.0Rel-17CR to TS 38.141-2: Receiver IMD requirement corrections Details R4-2108720 agreedRP-211082approved17.2.0
38.141-20355-17.1.0Rel-17CR to 38.141-2: BS conformance test, FR2 Rx OOB test MU value correction ( Details R4-2111503 agreedRP-211091approved17.2.0
38.141-20354-17.1.0Rel-17CR to 38.141-2: In-band blocking for multi-band Base Stations Details R4-2111118 agreedRP-211090approved17.2.0
38.141-20351-17.1.0Rel-17CR to 38.141-2: removal of outstanding TBDs, Rel-17 Details R4-2111050 agreedRP-211090approved17.2.0
38.141-20348-17.1.0Rel-17TS 38.141-2: Correction of additional spurious emission limits for bands 50, 51, 75, 76 Details R4-2110925 agreedRP-211089approved17.2.0
38.141-20345-17.1.0Rel-17TS 38.141-2: Introduction of NR-U co-existence requirements Details R4-2110921 agreedRP-211094approved17.2.0
38.141-20338-17.1.0Rel-17CR for 38.141-2: Demodulation performance enhancement specification maintenance Details R4-2110591 agreedRP-211109approved17.2.0
38.141-20336-17.1.0Rel-17CR for 38.141-2: HST demodulation specification maintenance Details R4-2110587 agreedRP-211108approved17.2.0
38.141-20328117.1.0Rel-17CR to TS 38.141-2: Introduction of band n85 Details R4-2107799 agreedRP-211116approved17.2.0
38.141-20327117.1.0Rel-17CR to TS 38.141-2: Introduction of band n67 Details R4-2107795 agreedRP-211116approved17.2.0
38.141-20326-17.1.0Rel-17CR for TS 38.141-2 Updates of performance requirements of PUSCH repetition type A for URLLC Details R4-2109711 agreedRP-211105approved17.2.0
38.141-20322-17.1.0Rel-17CR for TS38.141-2 remove SNR brackets for HST PUSCH demodulation (catA) Details R4-2109601 agreedRP-211105approved17.2.0
38.141-20320-17.1.0Rel-17Big CR for NR-U BS radiated conformance testing in TS 38.141-2 Details R4-2109284 agreedRP-211094approved17.2.0
38.141-20318-17.1.0Rel-17CR for TS 38.141-2: Introduction of NR PUSCH UL TA performance requirement(Rel-17) Details R4-2109108 agreedRP-211104approved17.2.0