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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
38.4230632116.5.0Rel-16UE specific DRX delivery Details R3-212926 agreedRP-211336approved16.6.0
38.4230631116.5.0Rel-16How to release SCG configuration between MN and SN CR 38.423 Details R3-212913 agreedRP-211334approved16.6.0
38.4230624116.5.0Rel-16Addition of sidelink MR-DC resource coordination Details R3-212731 agreedRP-211328approved16.6.0
38.4230609316.5.0Rel-16Correction of ASN.1 definition for RESOURCE STATUS REQUEST messageand semantics for Resource Status Reporting Initiation procedure Details R3-213001 agreedRP-211317approved16.6.0
38.4230594116.5.0Rel-16RACH Report Container(CR to 38423) Details R3-213000 agreedRP-211317approved16.6.0
38.4230582116.5.0Rel-16Correction on the RAT Restriction Information Details R3-212831 agreedRP-211334approved16.6.0
38.4230577216.5.0Rel-1638.423 correction for CHO early data forwarding in MN to ng-eNB/gNB Change Details R3-212743 agreedRP-211323approved16.6.0
38.4230559216.5.0Rel-16Maximum Number of RRC connections Details R3-212870 agreedRP-211317approved16.6.0
38.4230530616.5.0Rel-16Paging eDRX information delivery for RRC_INACTIVE UE in XnAP Details R3-212930 agreedRP-211324approved16.6.0
38.4230504216.5.0Rel-16Correction of Allocated C-RNTI for 2-step RACH Details R3-212085 agreedRP-211316approved16.6.0
38.4230473316.5.0Rel-16Clarification on TAI Slice Support List Details R3-212767 agreedRP-211315approved16.6.0
38.4230465316.5.0Rel-16Clarification of the use of the max no of CHO preparations Details R3-212764 agreedRP-211323approved16.6.0
38.4230452316.5.0Rel-16Correction of the DAPS Response Information IE in the tabular Details R3-212539 agreedRP-211323approved16.6.0