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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
38.101-10927217.2.0Rel-17Introduction of extended range and NS-value for n77  RP-212600approved17.3.0
38.101-10925-17.2.0Rel-17CR for updating the note of mandatory simultaneous Rx/Tx capability for Rel.17 FR1 NR-CA combinationsR4-2115148agreedRP-211905approved17.3.0
38.101-10924-17.2.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR 38.101-1, band combination correctionsR4-2115146agreedRP-211900approved17.3.0
38.101-10923-17.2.0Rel-17Big CR for TS 38.101-1 Maintenance part2 (Rel-17)R4-2115137agreedRP-211907approved17.3.0
38.101-10921-17.2.0Rel-17Big CR for TS 38.101-1 Maintenance part1 (Rel-17)R4-2115127agreedRP-211921approved17.3.0
38.101-10918-17.2.0Rel-17CR to TS 38.101-1: Addition of PC2 A-MPR for NS_50R4-2115106agreedRP-211901approved17.3.0
38.101-10917-17.2.0Rel-17CR to 38.101-1: PC1.5 MPR for Band n41R4-2115105agreedRP-211888approved17.3.0
38.101-10916-17.2.0Rel-17CR to 38.101-1: Introduction of PC1.5 in Band n79R4-2115104agreedRP-211901approved17.3.0
38.101-10915-17.2.0Rel-17CR to 38.101-1: Introduction of PC1.5 in Bands n77 and n78R4-2115103agreedRP-211901approved17.3.0
38.101-10914-17.2.0Rel-17CR for TS 38.101-1 Tx diversity requirementsR4-2115100agreedRP-211897approved17.3.0
38.101-10913117.2.0Rel-17CR on PC2 intra-band UL contiguous CA RF requirementsR4-2114956agreedRP-211895approved17.3.0
38.101-10912117.2.0Rel-17CR on contiguous CA with UL MIMO for power class 3R4-2114953agreedRP-211895approved17.3.0
38.101-10912-17.2.0Rel-17CR on contiguous CA with UL MIMO for power class 3R4-2114470revised  17.3.0
38.101-10911117.2.0Rel-17Introduction of the UL 7.5kHz shift for NR TDD band n34 and n39R4-2115088agreedRP-211910approved17.3.0
38.101-10908117.2.0Rel-17CR for TS 38.101-1 Rel-17: Applying n40 and n41 spurious emissions on CAR4-2114902agreedRP-211895approved17.3.0
38.101-10907-17.2.0Rel-17CR for TS 38.101-1: Correcting CA frequency setup for 2UL interband reference sensitivityR4-2112352agreedRP-211900approved17.3.0
38.101-10906117.2.0Rel-17CR for 38.101-1: Introduction of BCS4 and BCS5R4-2114922agreedRP-211896approved17.3.0
38.101-10906-17.2.0Rel-17CR for 38.101-1: Introduction of BCS4 and BCS5R4-2114243revised  17.3.0
38.101-10905-17.2.0Rel-17Big CR to TS 38.101-1: Adding channel BW support in existing NR bandsR4-2113739agreedRP-211907approved17.3.0
38.101-10904-17.2.0Rel-17CR 38.101-1 new combinations NR Inter-band 4 bands CAR4-2113559agreedRP-211900approved17.3.0
38.101-10903-17.2.0Rel-17CR 38.101-1 new combinations Rel-17 NR Intra-bandR4-2113556agreedRP-211900approved17.3.0
38.101-10899-17.2.0Rel-17Big CR to reflect the completed NR inter band CA DC combinations for 3 bands DL with 2 bands UL into TS 38.101-1R4-2112945agreedRP-211900approved17.3.0
38.101-10898-17.2.0Rel-17Big CR to reflect the completed NR inter band CA DC combinations for 2 bands DL with up to 2 bands UL into TS 38.101-1R4-2112941agreedRP-211900approved17.3.0
38.101-10896-17.2.0Rel-17CR to TS 38.101-1: Correction on PC2 1UL_2DL table 6.2A.1.3-2R4-2112896agreedRP-211901approved17.3.0
38.101-10894-17.2.0Rel-17CR on Introduction of completed 5 bands inter-band CA into TS 38.101-1R4-2112596agreedRP-211900approved17.3.0
38.101-10893-17.2.0Rel-17CR on Introduction of completed SUL band combinations into TS 38.101-1R4-2112593agreedRP-211902approved17.3.0
38.101-10891-17.2.0Rel-17CR to 38.101-1 Introduce RF requirements for HPUE CA with 2 bands downlink and x bands uplink (x =1,2)R4-2112495agreedRP-211901approved17.3.0
38.101-10890117.2.0Rel-17CR to 38.101-1 Introduce SAR solution for UE power class 2 NR inter-band CA and SUL configurationsR4-2114932agreedRP-211901approved17.3.0
38.101-10889-17.2.0Rel-17Big CR on introduction of completed NR CA/DC combs with 4DL/2UL within FR1R4-2112429agreedRP-211900approved17.3.0
38.101-10888117.2.0Rel-17CR for updates related to NR Band n24R4-2114882agreedRP-211911approved17.3.0
38.101-10885217.2.0Rel-17bigCR to TS 38.101-1 - Introduction of 35MHz and 45MHz channel bandwidthR4-2115101agreedRP-211909approved17.3.0
38.101-10884-17.2.0Rel-17CR on Introducing NR inter-band CA for 3DL Bands and 1UL band for 38.101-1R4-2112006agreedRP-211915approved17.3.0