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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
36.1015821-17.2.0Rel-17Big CR for TS 36.101 Maintenance(Rel-17)R4-2115124agreedRP-211914approved17.3.0
36.1015816-17.2.0Rel-17CR for adding MOP for LTE Band 24 for UE categories M1 and M2R4-2114585agreedRP-211919approved17.3.0
36.1015815-17.2.0Rel-17Introduction of completed R17 3DL band combinations to TS 36.101R4-2114538agreedRP-211915approved17.3.0
36.1015814-17.2.0Rel-17Introduction of completed LTE CA for 2 bands DL with 2 bands UL into Rel-17 TS 36.101R4-2114520agreedRP-211917approved17.3.0
36.1015813117.2.0Rel-17CR on adding B24 for Cat-M1_M2 36.101R4-2114870agreedRP-211919approved17.3.0
36.1015812-17.2.0Rel-17Introduction of LTE inter-band Carrier Aggregation for x bands DL (x=4, 5, 6) with 1 band UL to TS36.101R4-2114060agreedRP-211916approved17.3.0
36.1015810-17.2.0Rel-17Introduction of LTE-A inter-band CA for x bands (x=3,4,5) DL with 2 bands UL to TS36.101R4-2112714agreedRP-211918approved17.3.0
36.1015808-17.2.0Rel-17CR for updates related to LTE band 24 in 36.101 (Rel-17)R4-2112314agreedRP-211920approved17.3.0
36.1015800-17.2.0Rel-17Big CR to TS36.101: Rel-17 LTE inter-band CA for 2 bands DL and 1 band UL CAR4-2112240agreedRP-211914approved17.3.0