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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.4013678117.2.0Rel-17Clarification on paging restrictions Details S2-2109306 agreedSP-211302approved17.3.0
23.4013677117.2.0Rel-17Adding Alternative IMSI to the MM Context in the MME Details S2-2109305 agreedSP-211302approved17.3.0
23.4013670117.2.0Rel-17Correction to MME handling EPS bearer QoS Details S2-2109029 agreedSP-211304approved17.3.0
23.4013668117.2.0Rel-17IoT NTN: Ensure use of MME in the country where UE is located Details S2-2108027 agreedSP-211284approved17.3.0
23.4013667217.2.0Rel-17Support for IoT NTN with discontinuous coverage Details S2-2109199 agreedSP-211284approved17.3.0
23.4013665117.2.0Rel-17On Connection Release and Paging Restriction during a mobility TAU in a TA outside the current Registration Area Details S2-2108153 agreedSP-211302approved17.3.0
23.4013664117.2.0Rel-17On Paging restrictions handling Details S2-2108150 agreedSP-211302approved17.3.0
23.4013663317.2.0Rel-17Introduction of Satellite support for Cellular IoT Details S2-2109197 agreedSP-211284approved17.3.0
23.4013659-17.2.0Rel-17Removal of MUSIM mode Details S2-2107210 agreedSP-211302approved17.3.0
23.4013658317.2.0Rel-17MUSIM capabilities in Emergency Attach  SP-211548approved17.3.0