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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
32.2910358-17.0.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR 32.291 Update OpenAPI version Details S5-216535 agreedSP-211463approved17.1.0
32.2910357117.0.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR 32.291 Addition of MMTel converged charging information Details S5-216501 agreedSP-211482approved17.1.0
32.2910356117.0.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR 32.291 Addition of IMS converged charging announcement Details S5-216502 agreedSP-211482approved17.1.0
32.2910354317.0.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR 32.291 Addition of QoS Monitoring to Assist URLLC Service Details S5-216574 agreedSP-211481approved17.1.0
32.2910353317.0.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR 32.291 Alignment of the charging data request and response Details S5-216570 agreedSP-211485approved17.1.0
32.2910347117.0.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR 32.291 Correction of IMS charging information Details S5-215454 agreedSP-211482approved17.1.0
32.2910346117.0.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR 32.291 Addition of IMS charging information general types Details S5-215457 agreedSP-211482approved17.1.0
32.2910345-17.0.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR 32.291 Addition of IMS charging information enumerations Details S5-215236 agreedSP-211482approved17.1.0
32.2910344117.0.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR 32.291 Addition of IMS charging information data types Details S5-215456 agreedSP-211482approved17.1.0