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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.2890022217.0.0Rel-18Procedure for inter-system mobility between eMBMS and 5G MBS Details S6-212835 agreedSP-211530approved18.0.0
23.2890021217.0.0Rel-18Multi-server MBS session coordination Details S6-212825 agreedSP-211530approved18.0.0
23.2890020117.0.0Rel-18MC service control signalling over 5G MBS Details S6-212787 agreedSP-211530approved18.0.0
23.2890017117.0.0Rel-18Request to activate or de-activate multicast MBS sessions Details S6-212709 agreedSP-211530approved18.0.0
23.2890016-17.0.0Rel-18Request for updating MBS resources for group communications Details S6-212575 agreedSP-211530approved18.0.0
23.2890014117.0.0Rel-18Request for creation MBS resources for group communications Details S6-212708 agreedSP-211530approved18.0.0
23.2890012317.0.0Rel-18MBS architectural and functionalities Details S6-212824 agreedSP-211530approved18.0.0
23.2890011217.0.0Rel-18Architecture for MC/5MBS Details S6-212823 agreedSP-211530approved18.0.0
23.2890010117.0.0Rel-18Service continuity between 5G MBS delivery and unicast delivery Details S6-212429 agreedSP-211530approved18.0.0
23.2890009117.0.0Rel-18Call connect and disconnect over 5G MBS in MCVideo context Details S6-212428 agreedSP-211530approved18.0.0
23.2890008117.0.0Rel-18Call connect and disconnect over 5G MBS in MCPTT context Details S6-212427 agreedSP-211530approved18.0.0
23.2890007217.0.0Rel-18MC service media distribution over 5G MBS Details S6-212642 agreedSP-211530approved18.0.0
23.2890004217.0.0Rel-18MBS session release Details S6-212469 agreedSP-211530approved18.0.0