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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
38.3060664-16.6.0Rel-16Correction on two HARQ-ACK codebooks capability Details R2-2111271 agreedRP-213346approved16.7.0
38.3060661116.6.0Rel-16Clarification on UL MIMO layer reporting for 1Tx-2Tx switching Details R2-2111651 agreedRP-213346approved16.7.0
38.3060660116.6.0Rel-16CR on 38.306 for introducing UE capability of txDiversity Details R2-2111503 agreedRP-213345approved16.7.0
38.3060659-16.6.0Rel-16Miscellaneous corrections for Rel-16 UE capabilities Details R2-2110973 agreedRP-213346approved16.7.0
38.3060658-16.6.0Rel-16Miscellaneous corrections for Rel-15 UE capabilities Details R2-2110972 agreedRP-213341approved16.7.0
38.3060656116.6.0Rel-16Clarification on intraAndInterF-MeasAndReport capability Details R2-2111582 agreedRP-213341approved16.7.0
38.3060647116.6.0Rel-16Correction on R16 UE capability of supportedSINR-meas-r16 Details R2-2111577 agreedRP-213343approved16.7.0
38.3060646116.6.0Rel-16Duty cycle signalling for power class 1.5 Details R2-2111530 agreedRP-213342approved16.7.0
38.3060645216.6.0Rel-16Updates based on RAN1 NR positioning features list Details R2-2111654 agreedRP-213344approved16.7.0
38.3060640216.6.0Rel-16Simultaneous Rx/Tx UE capability per band pair Details R2-2111497 agreedRP-213341approved16.7.0