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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
29.5250200-17.5.0Rel-17Update of info and externalDocs fields Details C3-221746 agreedCP-220194approved17.6.0
29.5250196-17.5.0Rel-17Removing the remaining ENs on ProSeP definition Details C3-221314 agreedCP-220193approved17.6.0
29.5250195117.5.0Rel-17Description of a "307 Temporary Redirect" response in table Details C3-221585 agreedCP-220196approved17.6.0
29.5250193117.5.0Rel-17Description of a "307 Temporary Redirect" response Details C3-221570 agreedCP-220174approved17.6.0
29.5250191117.5.0Rel-17Handling of error responses Details C3-221568 agreedCP-220167approved17.6.0
29.5250188117.5.0Rel-17Removal of Editor’s Notes related to AF guidance of URSP determination Details C3-221498 agreedCP-220185approved17.6.0
29.5250187117.5.0Rel-17Handling of supported features for Edge Computing Details C3-221501 agreedCP-220185approved17.6.0
29.5250186117.5.0Rel-17Resolutions related to URSP guidance handling at the PCF Details C3-221614 agreedCP-220186approved17.6.0
29.5250185117.5.0Rel-17Alignment of "Application Errors" clause with SBI TS template Details C3-221227 agreedCP-220176approved17.6.0
29.5250184117.5.0Rel-17PCF checking of redundant PDU session applicability Details C3-220393 agreedCP-220206approved17.6.0