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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.2890047218.0.0Rel-18Service continuity with a 5G ProSe UE-to-network relay for MBMS Details S6-220478 agreedSP-220108approved18.1.0
23.2890046118.0.0Rel-185G ProSe UE-to-network relay for MC service Details S6-220401 agreedSP-220108approved18.1.0
23.2890045118.0.0Rel-18Off network private communication for MC service Details S6-220400 agreedSP-220108approved18.1.0
23.2890044-18.0.0Rel-18Off network group communication for MC service Details S6-220237 agreedSP-220108approved18.1.0
23.2890043118.0.0Rel-18Off-network functional model over 5G ProSe Details S6-220399 agreedSP-220108approved18.1.0
23.2890042118.0.0Rel-18Architectural model over 5G ProSe Details S6-220398 agreedSP-220108approved18.1.0
23.2890041118.0.0Rel-18Usage of FEC capabilities Details S6-220397 agreedSP-220107approved18.1.0
23.2890040118.0.0Rel-18Corrections to align with SA2 5G MBS specification Details S6-220396 agreedSP-220107approved18.1.0
23.2890039118.0.0Rel-18Updates to usage of 5MBS for MCVideo Details S6-220395 agreedSP-220107approved18.1.0
23.2890038118.0.0Rel-18Description of 5G MBS usage for MCData Details S6-220394 agreedSP-220107approved18.1.0
23.2890037118.0.0Rel-18Information flows for media distribution over 5MBS Details S6-220393 agreedSP-220107approved18.1.0
23.2890036118.0.0Rel-18Enhanced MCPTT group call setup procedure with 5MBS session Details S6-220392 agreedSP-220107approved18.1.0
23.2890035218.0.0Rel-18Clean up of switching between unicast and 5G MBS, between LTE eMBMS and 5G MBS Details S6-220441 agreedSP-220107approved18.1.0
23.2890034218.0.0Rel-18Clean up of EPS-5GMBS interworking Details S6-220440 agreedSP-220107approved18.1.0
23.2890033-18.0.0Rel-18Update to inter-system switching between 5G MBS and eMBMS procedures Details S6-220215 agreedSP-220107approved18.1.0
23.2890032-18.0.0Rel-18Network notifications of EPS interworking related events Details S6-220214 agreedSP-220107approved18.1.0
23.2890031-18.0.0Rel-18MC services over 5GS supporting EPS interworking Details S6-220208 agreedSP-220107approved18.1.0
23.2890030-18.0.0Rel-18EPS interworking requirements Details S6-220206 agreedSP-220107approved18.1.0
23.2890029118.0.0Rel-18Minor corrections to the procedures related to MBS session creation Details S6-220342 agreedSP-220107approved18.1.0
23.2890028118.0.0Rel-18Updating the MBS session release related terminology and aspects Details S6-220273 agreedSP-220107approved18.1.0
23.2890027118.0.0Rel-18Updating aspects and terminology related to MBS session creation and MC traffic transmission Details S6-220272 agreedSP-220107approved18.1.0
23.2890026118.0.0Rel-18Use of 5G ProSe UE-to-network relay service for MC services Details S6-220271 agreedSP-220108approved18.1.0
23.2890025118.0.0Rel-18Alignment of some information flows within TS 23.289 Details S6-220270 agreedSP-220107approved18.1.0
23.2890024118.0.0Rel-18Updating aspects related to the MBS resources update Details S6-220269 agreedSP-220107approved18.1.0
23.2890023118.0.0Rel-18Alignment of section 4.7 of 23.289 with latest version of 23.247 (v 17.1.0) Details S6-220275 agreedSP-220107approved18.1.0